Ford EcoSport safety features work perfectly in inadvertent topple during test

Remember how we were wondering if 108 Emergency Assist feature in the Ford EcoSport would actually work? Well, inadvertently we now know that this feature works really well thanks to a rather unlucky media person who was testing the Ford EcoSport in Goa and crashed it.

The Ford EcoSport that crashed in Goa today during the on-going media reviews, apparently clipped a concrete post at speed, spun out and tipped over, inflating the front airbags. Looking at the photograph posted by a journalist from Stuff India (who was following in another car), the Ford EcoSport that crashed appears to have taken quite a knock. However, the driver and co-passenger, the only occupants of the unlucky Ford EcoSport walked out without a scratch, thanks to the safety features built in. Also read: Will Ford’s Emergency Assist feature work in India?

Ford EcoSport safety features work perfectly in inadvertent topple during test

And, the emergency assist feature worked. The Ford EcoSport’s Sync system was paired to one of the occupant’s phones in the car and it immediately dialled “108” – the accident helpline. This number works in Goa and an ambulance reached the spot within minutes, although thankfully its services were not needed as the two media persons were unharmed.

The Sync emergency assist feature automatically calls for help in an emergency when it detects that either the airbags have deployed in a crash (denoting a severe frontal or side impact crash) or the fuel pump shutoff feature is triggered (in a rollover such as this, for instance). It delivers a pre-recorded message that says “A Ford vehicle has been involved in an accident. Stand by for GPS coordinates,” and then gives the exact latitude and longitude of the crash location. It then opens the phone line for the operator to speak with the vehicle occupants. This emergency call can be cancelled if needed by pressing the call hang-up button within 10 seconds of the call getting activated. Also read: Ford EcoSport variants and features revealed, fully loaded!

Besides this, Ford has also loaded the top-end EcoSport that was being tested here with six airbags (two of which deployed in this crash going by the photograph), as well as crumple zones, side impact beams and used boron steel in certain rigid sections of the car’s chassis. These are things we normally just see in presentations on the car, but it looks like they really do work, considering the two occupants in the car are unharmed. Also read: Ford EcoSport road test and review: Sure-shot winner

Ford EcoSport safety features work perfectly in inadvertent topple during test

This again goes to reiterate the need for safety features in cars – ABS, airbags and seatbelts for all occupants is a necessity these days. If you want safety features, you know which variant of the Ford EcoSport to pick now. Stay safe. WATCH: Ford EcoSport VIDEO review

Crash Photo Courtesy: Stuff India / Facebook page