Ford EcoSport shipments begin, another award received

Ford has begun shipments of the EcoSport SUV to its dealers around the country a day ago. And a week ago, the Ford EcoBoost 1-litre engine won yet another award as the International engine of the year. This is the second time, the three-cylinder 1-litre Ecoboost engine has won this award.

Ford EcoSport shipments begin, another award received

Dealers around the country have begun sprucing up dealerships in anticipation of the arrival of the Ford EcoSport in showrooms. At the moment, one can find hoardings and posters of the EcoSport, but not the vehicle itself in showrooms. Bookings began a few days ago and there has been a steady stream of potential buyers pouring into Ford showrooms, paying the Rs. 50,000 advance booking amount even without knowing the final ex-showroom prices of the vehicle. Also read: Ford EcoSport bookings OPEN officially

Ford says it is dispatching EcoSports to its dealers in order to reduce the waiting period and give customers the ability of just paying for and driving out an EcoSport – it’s a smart move in a way, to avoid the backlog build up. Each dealer will eventually be allotted about 250 Ford EcoSports a month, apparently. Ford so far has 230 dealers in 123 cities in India, giving it a fairly good reach and which should easily be able to clock over 5000 EcoSport SUVs a month, if and that’s a big IF, the pricing is right.

Ford is working to keep the pricing low and as attractive as possible. The delay in the launch of the Ford EcoSport so far has been on account of Ford trying to increase localization, which currently is at 65% on the Ford EcoSport. Also read: Ford EcoSport road test and review: Sure-shot winner!

EcoBoost engine bags 2nd international award

Meanwhile, the Ford EcoBoost 1-litre, three-cylinder, turbocharged petrol direct injection engine has won the international engine of the year award for the second year in a row. This award, now in its 15th year, was won in 2012 as well by the same engine which does duty in the Ford Focus in Europe. This 1-litre three-cylinder engine produces 123 bhp of power and 170 Nm of torque, which is about equal to what a normal 1.6 litre engine would produce, and it gives a fuel efficiency of over 18 kmpl, which is commendable. This award is given out by a panel of 87 automotive journalists from 35 countries. Interestingly, among all the award winners this year, there was no diesel engine that won. A sign of things to come? Also watch: Ford EcoSport VIDEO review

If all goes well, the Ford EcoSport would be on Indian roads by the end of next week. Watch this space.