Ford EcoSport vs Honda Amaze: Which one suits your needs?

(Updated July 2, 2013)
Agreed. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. But given that the Honda Amaze and Ford EcoSport have overlapping prices, with a difference of Rs. 60,000 on the base petrol variants and Rs. 70,000 on the base diesel variants (with the Amaze being cheaper), and given that SUVs are the flavour of the season, and given that we’ve got a few plenty of queries asking for a comparison between these two, we think it’s a sane idea comparing a compact sedan and a compact SUV. See: Ford EcoSport launched at Rs. 5.59 lakh

The two vehicles are actually a lot more similar in the needs they serve than you think. Let’s look at some of the similarities. Both are compact in size (under 4 metres). Both can seat four comfortably and have comparable luggage space. Both have comparable power specs in their diesel variants. The Ford EcoSport also falls within striking distance on price, with the top-end diesel being Rs. 1 lakh more than the comparable Amaze VX. Also read: Renault Duster vs Ford EcoSport specs compared

Ford EcoSport vs Honda Amaze: Which one suits your needs?

Ford EcoSport vs Honda Amaze technical specs compared

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Looking at the specifications table, you can see that both cars offer petrol and diesel engine choices, which will appeal to different kinds of buyers. However, there are a number of similarities with both vehicles, which is what makes it a difficult choice, besides being in the same price bracket. Also see: Ford EcoSport photo gallery 

Honda Amaze offers more space

Now this may sound a little incredible, but the Honda Amaze does offer slightly better space when compared to the Ford EcoSport. For instance, the Amaze boot can swallow 400 litres of luggage. The EcoSport can only manage about 346 litres – which is more in large hatchback territory. However, the Ford EcoSport offers flexibility as the rear-seat can be split-folded to free up 705 litres of space when needed. In rear-seat legroom as well, the Ford EcoSport and the Honda Amaze would be at a par. And although the Ford EcoSport is wider, it’s not that wide on the interiors – because it’s the body panels that are wider and thicker (just as in the case with the Renault Duster).

Ford EcoSport better for rough roads

Of course, if you live in an urban jungle that has mammoth sized speed breakers you would be better off choosing the Ford EcoSport. It has a ground clearance of 200 mm compared to just 165 mm with the Honda Amaze and it can wade through water to a depth of 550 mm (Mumbai floods shouldn’t bother it). (UPDATE: Click here for Ford EcoSport detailed Road Test and Review)

Amaze diesel offers more power, but EcoSport is better in petrol

Now, when it comes to fuel choices and whether you have a need for speed – you’ll have to take your pick rather carefully. The Honda Amaze diesel is more fuel efficient and offers a lot more power than the Ford EcoSport diesel variant. However, the Ford EcoSport 1-litre EcoBoost turbo-petrol variant would suit you if you were looking for a petrol vehicle with a healthy dose of power. Also read: Honda Amaze diesel road test and review – an amazing package 

Ford EcoSport vs Honda Amaze: Which one suits your needs?

Ford EcoSport vs Honda Amaze top-end features compared

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The Ford EcoSport is just about Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 1 lakh more than the Honda Amaze variant for variant, especially going by comparable features.

Comparing the top-end variants, one would find that the Ford EcoSport is slightly better value for money, given the number of features it offers compared to the Honda Amaze. You get features such as automatic climate control, voice commands, Bluetooth, rear wiper, speed-sensing door locks, parking sensors and push-button ignition option in the Ford EcoSport as well as a more comprehensive infotainment system with CD player, while the Honda Amaze doesn’t offer these features. Given these features, we believe the Ford EcoSport is better value than the Amaze.  Also see: Honda Amaze VX Diesel vs Maruti Suzuki Dzire ZDI: Features and specs compared!

What we think

Overall, if you were looking at a car to seat four on comfort and carry luggage, you would find the Honda Amaze more spacious, and it also would come at a lower price tag. But if you want a vehicle that can handle both rough and smooth roads, and has a whole bunch of gizmos, the EcoSport would make sense. Share your thoughts. Which one would you pick and why?