Ford EcoSport made the sub 4-meter compact SUV popular in India. However, with the arrival of competitors like the Maruti Vitara Brezza and Mahindra TUV300, Ford lost a lot of market share. Ford is back now with the facelifted version of the EcoSport. We compare both the compact SUVs in the segment to tell you which one offers what.

Which one is better to look at?


Maruti Vitara Brezza maybe the best selling vehicle, but it’s certainly not the best looking one. The Brezza gets a simple, boxy design with a few design lines going across its body. It does not look outstanding, but Maruti’s customisation options are quite interesting. Maruti also offers dual tone paint scheme on the Brezza that adds a nice touch. The Brezza is a tall vehicle but lacks a feel-good factor in its design department.


The EcoSport is fresh in the market. It has always been a good looking car, and with the new changes, it has become much more masculine. The EcoSport looks like a big car and new additions like 17-inch alloy wheels gives it a high, SUV-ish stance. The Brezza has 16-inch wheels. And wheel size adds a lot to the SUV-like looks of compact SUVs.  The new face with a large grille and big headlamps also helps the EcoSport’s cause.

Looks: EcoSport – 1, Vitara Brezza – 0

Which one offers better interiors?


EcoSport offers an all-black interior theme that looks quite sporty and premium. The car gets a floating type infotainment screen with SYNC3 and a quad-dial instrument console. The Vitara Brezza, on the other hand, also offers black dashboard but it gets chrome plastic inserts. The squarish dials are pretty good looking, and it also gets a SMARTPLAY infotainment system, but it is not as interactive as the EcoSport’s.

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza 22

The leather seats of the top end version of the EcoSport are quite comfortable while there is no leather option with the Brezza. Ford also provides a few party tricks like paddle shifters with the automatic, smart storage and door central locking controls for both the front passengers. Ford EcoSport feels much more premium than the Brezza, but Maruti’s offering gets a simple yet functional layout.

Interiors: EcoSport – 1, Vitara Brezza – 0

Driving experience


If you are looking to buy a petrol version, then the EcoSport is the sole choice between the two as Maruti is yet to offer a petrol version of the Brezza in the market. We will only compare the diesel versions of the vehicles.

Highway – Ford has always been known for its ability to please the enthusiast section of the market, for whom steering feedback is crucial. The new diesel EcoSport has become a little blunt in that department when compared with the last model, but it still remains the best car to drive in the segment. The EcoSport’s steering feedback is phenomenal, but Brezza is not far behind.

The EcoSport’s 1.5-litre, 99 Bhp – 205 Nm diesel engine has a lot of grunt that is very usable on the highways. The Brezza’s 1.3-litre 88.5 Bhp – 200 Nm engine lacks power in the higher band, which makes it a little handicapped on the highways.


City – Brezza does feel a little underpowered on the highways but its low weight coupled with low-end torque makes it a quick vehicle inside the city limits, and it also offers better fuel economy. The heavier EcoSport may feel a little laggy. Between the diesel options, Brezza is a better car to drive inside the city limits.

Driving: EcoSport – 1, Vitara Brezza – 1

Summing it up!


The Ford EcoSport has become a little blunt in the driving department, but it stays as the best car to cater to the enthusiast’s needs in the segment. The Brezza, on the other hand, offers exceptional fuel economy and good city driving experience. If you are someone who wants an engaging drive, the EcoSport is the answer. If you are looking for fuel efficiency and space, the Brezza should be the choice.