Ford EcoSport’s latest TVC drives home beautiful social message

The Ford Ecosport is one of the strongest contenders in the sub-4 meter SUV game. Ford recently updated the Ecosport lineup by reducing its prices and launching a new Thunder variant. Apart from this, Ford is currently running the Discover More In You ad campaign. In this TVC here, which is the second in the series of three, Ford delivers a message which encourages viewers to lend a helping hand to those in need. The car used in this TVC is the Ford Ecosport, which recently received a recent update in the model lineup. Check out the TVC below to know what it is all about.

As seen in the TVC above, Ford has delivered a social message here. This story of this TVC features a father-son duo driving through a city in their Ford EcoSport where the son is seated at the rear seat of the Ecosport and playing with his toys. However, upon spotting a traffic jam, he asks his father that what all it is about. To this, his father replies that may be an accident has happened on the road due to which the traffic is facing congestion. This turns out to be true as the son spots an injured man sitting on the side of the road. Upon seeing him, he tells his father about the same and adds that no one is helping him.

His father, though concerned, does not immediately react to his son’s statement. The little boy then follows up his own statement by saying that what if the same had happened with them and no one helps. This honest statement from his son makes the father have a rethought about the whole situation and he parks his Ecospor to one side of the road. He then tells his son to not worry as they will be safe. The next scene sees the father lend a helping hand to the injured man by taking him to his car. The TVC ends with the son and father duo happily coming out of the hospital after helping the injured man to get proper treatment.

Ford EcoSport’s latest TVC drives home beautiful social message

The father here sets an example for his son who will most probably remember this for the rest of his life and try to follow the same. In India, a lot of accidents happen on roads each day and a majority of the people involved in the accidents do not get timely treatment due to the indifference of the passersby. Most of the accident cases become critical because they are brought late to the hospital and a lot of blood loss has already happened. Therefore, if the fellow road users take it upon themselves and help their fellow road users, the whole situation can improve vastly.