Ford Endeavour converted into Ford Everest with after market body kit – Looks massive [Video]

Ford may have left India due to the lack of sales, but its top-of-the-line Endeavour is still one of the most sought-after SUVs in the full-size SUV segment. The Ford Endeavour was the only car that ever managed to come even close to the current segment champion, the Toyota Fortuner. Internationally, the company is still selling the Endeavour, marketed as the Everest. However, since its discontinuation, many Indian Ford lovers were left disappointed as they never got the Everest in the country. Consequently, in an attempt to experience the feel of the Ford Everest in India, many people are now buying Everest body kits for their existing Endeavours and completely changing their appearance to resemble the model available in the international market.

Recently, a video featuring four Ford Endeavours converted into Ford Everests with aftermarket kits was shared on YouTube by Her Garage on their channel. The video begins with the presenter mentioning that she will showcase four of these Ford Everest conversions and introduce the person facilitating these conversions. She first mentions that the four Everests have caused a stir at the shooting location, attracting a large number of onlookers.

She then introduces the owner of Auto Body Customs, one of the shops in the Delhi NCR area specializing in customizing and converting cars using aftermarket body parts. She asks the owner how they managed to display all four cars simultaneously. The owner replies that all the cars were completed over the weekend, allowing them to showcase them together. The presenter then remarks that these four cars are distinct from each other and represent different personalities.

She states that if someone wants a subtle car, they can go for the classy white color, and if they want a Mafia-type car, they can opt for the all-black version. She adds that if someone desires something extraordinary, they can choose the neon color as well. Following this, she begins describing the first black car in detail. The owner of the shop mentions that they are currently the only ones in the country with this kit available. He adds that they ordered a total of around 50 kits for the Everest, and out of these 50, they have built 35 in-house and supplied the rest to other shops in Kerala, Pune, and other cities across the country. The owner notes that they have imported and sold every Everest kit in the country.

Ford Endeavour converted into Ford Everest with after market body kit – Looks massive [Video]

The owner then mentions that in the first black car, they have completely changed the front fascia, including the bonnet, grille, headlights, and fenders. He explains that they have also replaced the rear taillights and Everest nameplate. He proceeds to show the second white car and mentions that they have made similar changes to its components. He adds that in this one, they have also added carbon fiber on the side shields and in the interior, along with custom 24-inch chrome alloy wheels.

Next, he presents his personal Ford Everest, which has been wrapped in Neon Green. He mentions that they have also chosen a custom set of alloy wheels for their car. Lastly, he displays another black Everest. The presenter then inquires about the total cost of each build, to which the owner replies that the base kit with paint costs Rs 3.25 lakh. He explains that in the first and last black car, as they did not add new alloy wheels, the cost was low. However, in the white car, they have added alloy wheels worth Rs 3.5 lakh.