Toyota Fortuner and Ford Endeavour go dune-bashing: See how it is done right [Video]

Endeavour Fortuner Dune Bashing Featured

Offroading especially dune bashing can be a lot of fun when you have the right vehicles to do it. However, even if you use some of the most capable SUVs on the planet, not having the right technique or taking the wrong line can get you into a whole load of trouble as this video by Anshuman Bishnoi on Youtube shows.

The Ford Endeavour starts off by doing a few runs around the lower section of the large sand dune. The driver of the Ford Endeavour pushes the Ford Endeavour along the dune as he starts getting higher up the dune. However, after a few attempts, he decides to go a bit higher but takes the wrong line across the dune’s side and finds his large Ford SUV almost tipping over to the side before it gets stuck in a rather precarious position with its tyres buried deep within the sands of the desert.

Now if the Endeavour had been all alone in the desert sands, recovering the large for SUV would have been a real issue. However, thankfully for the Endeavour’s driver, he was part of a group of enthusiasts who had decided to go offroading together and therefore had plenty of backup to help him get his SUV out of the predicament it was stuck in on the side of the dune. Also, the group carried the right tool to help dig the wheels and front bumper of the Endeavour out of the sand to help it maneuver its way off the sides of the dune.

Toyota Fortuner and Ford Endeavour go dune-bashing: See how it is done right [Video]

With his fellow off-roaders giving him advice about what to do to safely get off the dune’ side – disengage the handbrake, put the SUV’s automatic gearbox into drive (D) and ensure that you get as much wheel spin as possible to help clear the sand.

The experts guide the Endeavour driver through the process, telling him what to do as they slowly but surely while shovelling sand away from the SUV. Thanks to the instructions, the Endeavour driver finally wiggles the large SUV out of the sand trap on the side of the side of the dune onto the safer and much firmer ground right next to it.

The other off-roaders in their Fortuners (both old and current-gen models) then proceed to demonstrate the proper line to take while sliding around the side of the large dune. After a while, the Endeavour driver goes in for another attempt across a higher section of the dune. This time gets the right line of attack to follow and easily glides the Endeavour around the side of the dune with ease.

This video is just further proof of why off-roading should always be a group activity and that all those participating should carry the right recovery equipment to ensure that everyone comes safely back home.

While off roading, here are two things that need to be kept in mind,

  1. Never venture without back-up. Even the most capable vehicles can get stuck.
  2. Recovery equipment such as winches, sand ladders, sand mats and tow straps are essential for off roading.