Ford Endeavour’s latest TVC wants you to keep your cool

Ford’s new brand campaign, titled Discover More In You, emphasizes the importance of road safety and delivers a message on social responsibility. The Endeavour TVC featured here gives a thought-provoking message on the issue of road safety. It is the first TVC in a series of three, all of which carry a similar message. The big brute Ford Endeavour is used here as a tool to depict that bigger the size of the vehicle, bigger are your responsibilities. Take a look at the TVC below, titled Good Rowdies, before we indulge in further discussion about the same.

As seen here, the TVC delivers a rather important message which should be followed by everyone. In the TVC above, we see a duo in a Ford Endeavour through a picturesque scenery peacefully. Both of them are enjoying the journey and are having a good time when suddenly an incident happens. A couple of guys in their vehicle ride alongside them at a very high speed, overtake take and moreover, take a cut directly in front of them. This almost leads to an accident of not for the driver of the Ford Endeavour who immediately applied his brakes and brought the big Endeavour to stop.

Both the driver and the co-passenger in the Endeavour are agitated because of what just happened. He instantly blurts out his aggressive response which is to show the guys who overtook them who is the boss and has the bigger engine and power output. To let you know, the Ford Endeavour comes with two engine options, a 2.2-litre turbo diesel engine and a 3.2-litre diesel engine. While the 2.2-litre turbo diesel motor puts out 160 PS of peak power and 385 Nm of peak torque, The 3.2-litre 5 cylinder diesel engine is a lot more powerful. It produces 200 PS of peak power and 470 Nm of peak torque, both of which are class leading outputs.

Ford Endeavour’s latest TVC wants you to keep your cool

Coming back to the incident that happened in the TVC, the other guy who was driving the Endeavour also is quite annoyed by what just happened. However, he puts himself together and rethinks the whole scenario again. He then gently smiles and tells his fellow passenger that no, they won’t go chasing the other guys down because they are ‘Big’. This is a metaphor used here to signify not only that they have a bigger vehicle equipped with a bigger vehicle but that they also have bigger hearts and responsibilities. This makes the passenger a bit confused but he gradually understands it all and they continue their journey happily. This TVC signifies how easily one can get out of similar situations by simply understanding their role while on the road. Most of the typical road-rash happen because of similar reasons and can be easily avoided if we all understand our responsibilities.