Check out a ‘made-in-India’ Ford Endeavour limousine’s interiors [Video]

The Ford Endeavour is one of the best full-size SUV under Rs. 40 lakh price mark in India. The latest generation Endeavour has the largest footprint in the segment and comes with a host of comfort and luxury features. The older generation model too was a pretty great SUV for its time and one can still find a lot f them being used by their owners on a regular basis. However, the video below by JAIN MOTOR’S JEEP shows an old generation Endeavour that has been fully converted into a stretch limousine. It comes with re-planned interiors and looks quite good on the outside too. Check out the video to get a better look at the vehicle.

As seen in the video, this Endeavour is a full-fledged stretch limousine. While we have in past seen custom made stretch sedan limos and a Scorpio limousine, an Endeavour Limousine is something that is not seen before.  The original look of the SUV has been maintained along with some exterior modifications. However, this type of modification is not legal according to the motor vehicle laws of our country and the Endeavour Limousine seen here can’t be used on public roads. Moreover, it can be confiscated by police if found plying on regular roads. But again, it can be used in private areas and events, where any type of mod job is allowed. For instance, this limousine can be used during a wedding when used inside the event premises

Endeavour Mod

Moving on, let’s talk about the stretch SUV limousine here. On the exteriors, the bumper has been fitted with custom bullbars along with multiple auxiliary lights. An LED bar has been mounted on the top while black roof rails run along the length of the roof. The ORVMs have been replaced too and now come with LED blinkers. The rear sports a top spoiler along with a custom bumper and LED lights. The centre body is custom made and has been attached by cutting the Endeavour apart and then join the front and rear end to the centre body accordingly. However, interiors are what limousines are known for and therefore let’s check out what it packs on the inside.

Endeavour Limo Mod

Stepping inside will reveal a huge lounge-like area with all kinds of creature comforts. Custom made sofas now run along one side of the limousine while wooden counters, stools etc, glass housings etc are omnipresent. The Endeavour limo here gets a 24 inch LED screen, mini fridge, a sofa cum bed, electric sunroof, inverter with battery, audio system and curtains around the window. It has also been fitted with custom LED ‘Disco’ lightning, which sets the party mood to high when turned on. The video also shows the Endeavour Limousine during the night where it turns into a party vehicle. The colour combination for the upholstery is beige and brown while the other interior shades match them.

Endeavour Mod

Overall, the mod job done on this Endeavour Limousine is quite good and it will be the centre of attraction wherever it goes. The ICE system (In Car Entertainment) is also quite good, capable of turning the vehicle into a party den whenever one wants. However, as we mentioned earlier, it is not road legal as such structural modifications are illegal on public roads. Then again, it is a perfect vehicle for private use, with a full rock and rolla styled limousine feel.

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