Ford Endeavour 3.2 takes on the Mahindra Scorpio 2.2 in a drag race

Mahindra Scorpio was launched in 2002 and quickly became a very popular SUV among buyers from both urban and rural areas. It has been in the production for a very long time and we have seen different iterations of the SUV during this time. Mahindra is now working on a next-gen Scorpio which is expected to launched in the market soon. Ford Endeavour is one of the most popular full size SUV sold in the Indian market. It competes with Toyota Fortuner and is a very capable off-roader. Here we have a video that shows current generation Mahindra Scorpio S11 and Ford Endeavour 3.2 in a drag race. Who wins the race?, let’s find that out in the video.

The video has been uploaded by Arun Panwar on their youtube channel. The video shows both SUVs competing with each other to find out which one is more powerful. Before starting the race, vlogger shares the engine specification of both the SUVs. Mahindra Scorpio is powered by a 2.2 litre turbocharged mHawk diesel engine that generates 140 Bhp and 320 Nm of torque. The Endeavour used in this video is the pre-facelift 3.2 litre turbo diesel version which generates 197 Bhp and 470 Nm of peak torque. The Scorpio used here is a manual and the Endeavour gets an automatic transmission.

Both the SUVs were taken to an empty road were they can actually test the performance of both the SUVs. The race was conducted in four rounds and the vlogger was initially sitting in Ford Endeavour. The race starts and both of them move off the line pretty quickly. Within seconds, Endeavour starts moving ahead and the Scorpio was trying hard to minimise the distance. The Endeavour took the lead and maintained it till the end. Endeavour won the first.

Ford Endeavour 3.2 takes on the Mahindra Scorpio 2.2 in a drag race

In second round, Mahindra Scorpio won the race as the Ford Endeavour driver was a bit late to respond. Even then, it was not that far from Scorpio and gave it a tight competition. After the second round, vlogger sat inside the Scorpio. As soon as the race started, the Scorpio took the lead but in few seconds, Endeavour started showing its true colours and started overtaking the Scorpio. After some time, Endeavour was in the lead and maintained it throughout the race. The fourth round also showed us a similar result.

The Ford Endeavour had won this drag race. If the driver was a bit careful in the second round, Endeavour would have easily one all four rounds. The Endeavour produces more power and torque when compared to Mahindra Scorpio. Scorpio had an advantage of weight in the race and that was evident in every round. The Scorpio was quick off the line but, in longer run, the Endeavour was catching up, leaving Scorpio behind. The results does not mean that, Scorpio is a bad SUV. They are both great and popular SUVs in their respective segments. Mahindra is currently working on the next-generation Scorpio and it has already been spotted testing on our roads several times. It will be available with a petrol and diesel engine and it will be available with a manual and automatic gearbox option. Mahindra might also bring back the 4×4 option in the next-gen Scorpio.