Ford Endeavour fails while Mahindra Thar & Toyota Fortuner reach the top of a super steep climb [Video]

For hardcore off-roading enthusiasts, choosing the right vehicle is the most thing. A vehicle may offer a long list of equipment for off-roading but it may not get the right kinds of modifications to make it extreme-off-road-friendly. While most of the cars that come with a similar list of equipment from the factory will be able to do all kind of light off-roading. It the extreme cases, where the cars have to go through extreme challenges that matter. Here is a video of old-generation Ford Endeavour, old-generation Toyota Fortuner, Tata Safari Storme and Mahindra Thar taking on an almost vertical drop. In the video uploaded by Versatile KH AN All the vehicles attempt to climb the drop upwards and then try to come down too.

The first attempt is made by Ford Endeavour that tries to come down from the drop first. However, due to the long wheelbase, the vehicle’s underbody sits on the floor making the vehicle immovable. A Toyota Fortuner then comes to rescue and pulls the vehicle from the front to make the vehicle slide down. After all the four tyres come off the Endeavour are placed on the incline, it comes down on its own. The same old-generation Endeavour then tries to go up the incline and loses the rear wheel cover. After several tries, the Endeavour just could not reach the top of the climb because of the long wheelbase of the vehicle.

Tata Safari Storme then tries to go up the climb up the incline and reaches the top without any problem but loses the rear bumper skid plate in the process. The stock bumper of the vehicles offers limited departure angle that can get stuck in challenging situations like this. Off-road spec bumpers are designed in a way that they increase the overall departure angle of the vehicle and make it more capable.

After the Safari, the Toyota Fortuner tries the same challenge and does not face any challenge. Why? Because it gets off-road spec bumpers that ensures that it does not get stuck due to limited clearance. Also, the old-generation Fortuner offers a 2,750mm of wheelbase against the massive 2,860mm of ground clearance offered by the old-generation Endeavour. The long wheelbase of a vehicle decreases the breakover angle of the vehicle and makes it less capable when it comes to going over tips.

In the end, the good old Mahindra Thar comes to take on the challenge. Even though the Mahindra Thar is one of the most modified vehicles in India, this one looks completely stock. It enters the video frame and straightway shows why it is so popular. The Thar goes up and comes down the climb without any problem. The short wheelbase and purpose-built bumpers of the vehicle help it complete the challenge without breaking a sweat.