Watch a Ford Endeavour luxury SUV ploughing fields in India [Video]

Ford Endeavour is one of the popular full-size SUVs curently on sale in India. It is a butch looking, capable SUV that has road presence and looks intimidating on roads. Many owners or enthusiasts take their SUVs off-road to explore and know more about the capabilities of their vehicle. However, there are some who do some crazy things with their priced possessions like pulling a heavy vehicle, doing tug of war, ploughing a field and so on. Here we have one such video that shows a Ford Endeavour ploughing a field.

The video has been uploaded by VISHAL SINGH KAINT on his Youtube channel. The video shows a Ford Endeavour tied to a plougher at the rear. SUV then starts moving and it smoothly carries the plougher with it. It starts to plough the field at ease as if it was built for this purpose. The owner of the Endeavour has used this SUV as a tractor on his field. The plougher is burried inside the ground and it creates resistance and puts pressure on the vehicle that it is tied to. In this case however, Endeavour does the job effortlessly and is not seen struggling at any point. This is why normally farmers use tractors or other machinery to plough their land as they are capable of providing huge amount of torque at lower RPMs.

How did the Endeavour do it?

As mentioned above, Endeavour is a very capable SUV with solid build, massive street presence, butch  looks, ample ground clearance, go-anywhere ability with a Terrain Response system. The system offers a choice of four settings – Normal, Snow(Mud/Grass), Sand and Rock. These mode has its own benefits as it controls the throttle response and engages traction control more maximum traction and less wheel spin. that is what would have happened here in the video also. The owner would have have put the SUV in mud mode and would have started pulling the plougher.

Watch a Ford Endeavour luxury SUV ploughing fields in India [Video]

Ford Endeavour is available in two different diesel engine options. One is 2.2L diesel engine that produces 158 Bhp of power along with 385 Nm of torque and comes mated to a manual or an automatic transmission. The bigger 3.2-litre diesel engine churns out 197 Bhp of power along with 470 Nm of torque. It looks like here in this video the bigger engined version is used. All that torque with terrain response system along with 4 wheel drive system worked in favour of the Endeavour.