Ford Endeavour to make a comeback; Will cost much more than Toyota Fortuner

The news of Ford departing from the mass market of India broke a lot of hearts, especially the ones who were the owners and fanboys of its SUVs – the Ecosport and Endeavour. While the Ecosport might never witness a comeback in India, a recent report might bring a smile to the ones who were keeping their fingers crossed for the Ford Endeavour.

Ford Endeavour to make a comeback; Will cost much more than Toyota Fortuner

According to a recent piece of information on T-BHP, Ford is mulling to bring back the Endeavour SUV in the Indian car market. The Ford Endeavour was the flagship SUV from the American carmaker in India. Apart from its manufacturing plant in Chennai, the Endeavour is also assembled in Thailand, Vietnam and China, where the SUV is christened as Ford Everest.

Ford tried to produce the Endeavour on a contractual basis by tying up with another car maker. However, the attempts in this direction failed, which forced Ford to shut down its manufacturing here in India. Since it will be a CBU import, the cost is likely to be in north of Rs 60 lakh, ex-showroom, making it much more expensive than the segment-leader Toyota Fortuner.

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Ford Endeavour to make a comeback; Will cost much more than Toyota Fortuner

Ford has already confirmed that it will now be focusing on CBU products like Mustang coupe and Mustang Mach-E. And given the immense popularity and impressive sales figures which the Endeavour was enjoying in the Indian car market, Ford is contemplating bringing back the Endeavour through the CBU route from Thailand.

Given the possibility of bringing it through the CBU route, the Ford Endeavour might not be a value-for-money option anymore. It will attract import duties and other taxes, which will substantially shoot up its price in the range of more than Rs 60 lakh. As a result, it will be much more expensive than its arch-rival Toyota Fortuner, which already has seen large price hikes in the recent past.

However, if the Ford Endeavour will be brought to India through the CBU route, it will be a slightly improved SUV than before, as it will get a few updates. The first and biggest possible update is the introduction of the new 2.0-litre four-cylinder bi-turbo diesel engine, which uses two turbochargers instead of one in the powertrain of the now-defunct India-made Ford Endeavour.

With maximum power and torque outputs of 211 bhp and 500 Nm, the new bi-turbo engine will be much more powerful than the single-turbo engine of the Endeavour sold here in India to date. However, there will be no changes to the 10-speed automatic gearbox and standard four-wheel drive which the SUV used to get here as well. In addition to this upgraded engine, the Ford Endeavour will also get a couple of additional features which the global-spec Ford Everest is getting and were not available in the India-spec model.

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