Ford Endeavour rescued by two Toyota Fortuner SUVs

Off-roading can be extremely fun but if the vehicle gets stuck without a rescue vehicle. Here is an incident where a group of off-roading SUVs can be seen bashing around in dunes when a Ford Endeavour gets stuck royally in the dunes. The video uploaded by Anshuman Bishnoi shows two Toyota Fortuner SUVs doing a rescue job in sync.

What happened here?

The video shows several off-road spec vehicles roaming around on the sand dunes. A Ford Endeavour, which did a fair amount of dune-bashing in the first part of the video can be seen going down a steep incline and getting stuck there due to the front bumper of the car. The old-generation Ford Endeavour seen in the video is royally stuck on the sand dunes and it cannot get free of the situation on its own.

First, a modified old-generation Toyota Fortuner tries to rescue the stuck Ford Endeavour by towing it out. However, the Fortuner starts to slip towards the ditch. This is when a second Toyota joins in the rescue mission. It should be noted that the second Fortuner is acting as an anchorage point for the first Fortuner that is doing the rescue mission. Both the Fortuners are connected to each other with the help of a towing rope and not a winch. This provides extra grip to the Fortuner that is performing the rescue.

Ford Endeavour rescued by two Toyota Fortuner SUVs

The video also shows that whenever the Ford Endeavour is trying to accelerate to help in the rescue, the tyres of the vehicles are getting stuck. This is why the Endeavour driver has to be very careful while using the accelerator. However, in the end, the Endeavour comes out on the surface successfully without much of a problem.

The Ford Endeavour is a very capable vehicle but any vehicle in this situation would have been stuck. The only way to ensure that the vehicles do not get stuck in such situations is to take out the bumper out of the way. This can be done by either increasing the side of the tyres or by lifting the vehicle’s ground clearance.

Also, this video shows how rescuing is done with all the precautions and safety in place. If you’re wondering on why the engine boot lid is open on the Toyota Fortuner, then that’s to keep the front windshield safe. Sometimes, the winching rope can fail and it can hit the windshield. To keep the occupant and the windshield safe, the boot lid of the vehicle is positioned in that way. Also, the winching rope gets a dampener kept on it. It is placed to absorb any of the whiplashes from the winch rope if it breaks accidentally.

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