Ford Endeavour rescues a full-size truck; Here’s how

While Ford has left the Indian market for good, many are still loyal customers and owners of the American brand. The Ford Endeavour SUV has considerable fanfare in the Indian market and it is still considered one of the most capable SUVs in the Indian market. Here is a rescue mission of a Tata Long Platform truck that got stuck in the mud. Here’s how the Endeavour rescued it.

The video shows a Tata Truck stuck near a construction site. The Ford Endeavour came to the rescue. After digging a way for the rear wheel of the truck, the truck was connected to the Endeavour’s rear tow hook through a heavy chain. The Endeavour was already in the 4WD mode before starting the rescue.

The driver, however, first set up the vehicle at an angle, which did not help the truck to come out. However, the second time around, the Endeavour driver set up the car right in front of the Tata truck. On the second attempt, the truck came out without any hiccups and the car even dragged the truck for a good 100 metres.

Endeavour rescues Tata truck

Ford Endeavour rescues a full-size truck; Here’s how

Even though the truck was unloaded, the gross weight is rated at 16,200 kg, which is massive! The Ford Endeavour can be seen losing the grip on a few occasions when the skid. However, with the combined effort, the massive tipper comes out.

How is it even possible? Well, off-roading vehicles like the Endeavour come with low-ratio reduction gear. This is the key to the whole rescue operation. The low-ratio transfer case multiplies the torque output of the engine which helps it to get through most of the most challenging situations. It is available in most 4X4 vehicles like the Mahindra Thar and the Toyota Fortuner. The Endeavour used the low-ratio transfer case to maximize the torque output and rescue the truck. We are not sure about the exact ratio of the gearbox but it multiples the torque output by several multiples to ensure that there is ample torque available for such rescues.

No damping can make it dangerous

While the video shows that there is a person standing right next to the heavy metal chain, it is highly dangerous. There is no dampening on the rope. If the rope snaps during the towing or winching, it can whiplash and cause major injuries to anyone in proximity. That is why dampening is always used by experts and professionals while rescuing a vehicle or towing a car.

If you do not have dampening material available, any object with decent weight like a wet sack, a winter jacket or even shoes hanging by strings can become good options. These dampening materials can absorb most of the whiplash impact and make the towing rope less harmful.