Ford Endeavour Sport vs Toyota Fortuner in an off-road test

Ford Endeavour and Toyota Fortuner have been rivals since the beginning. Both the SUVs has been on sale in the Indian market for a very long time and have developed their own fan following. There are many videos online where both the SUVs are being compared or are in a tug of war. Today, we have a video uploaded on YouTube by Sanjeet Jaat. In the video, the host has compared both the SUVs in an off-road test.

In the video, we can see that it is a very sandy area where they are doing off-road testing. First, both the SUVs go up a hill and they have to come down. Both the SUVs were able to complete the task fairly easily. They did not lose traction while going up the hill and did not get stuck when coming downhill.

Then there is another uphill but this one is steeper and there is a chance of the front getting scraped. So, the SUVs would require to have a good approach angle. First, the Fortuner comes up and it almost scraped its bumper. The SUV did lose traction but electronics worked and the SUV was able to get up the hill without any issue.

Ford Endeavour Sport vs Toyota Fortuner in an off-road test

The Endeavour on the other hand got stuck on its first try. Then the driver engaged the low-range transfer case but still, the SUV could not climb the hill. The driver reversed the SUV and tried to use the momentum but because of the tyre spinning the Endevaour had dug a hole and was getting constantly stuck in the hole. So, it could not go uphill. However, on another uphill, the SUV climbed easily.

The next challenge was to come down a steep hill. Both the SUVs were able to complete it without any damage. Then there was another uphill climb. The first one to go was the Endeavour, it did cross halfway but then the sand got slippery and the tyres lost traction and kept spinning. However, on the second try, the SUV was able to climb up the hill but it did get stuck at one spot where the electronics helped in finding the traction again. Then it was the turn of the Fortuner and it was able to climb uphill in just one try.

Ford Endeavour Sport vs Toyota Fortuner in an off-road test

The host then found another uphill and reduced the tyre pressure of the SUVs. Reducing the tyre pressures for off-roading is normal as it helps in increasing the contact patch of the tyre which can help in increasing the traction.

The Fortuner was able to climb up the hill fairly easily whereas the Endevaour did get stuck. But in the second chance, the Endeavour was able to get up the hill.  On the last hill, even the Fortuner got stuck. So, Endeavour was not given a chance. The host tells us that the Fortuner is quite old and the driver is confident driving it. On the other hand, the Endeavour was new and the driver was hesitant in pushing the engine.

Paarth Khatri

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