Ford Endeavour SUV rescue by tractors goes seriously WRONG [Video]

In late-February, we reported about a Ford Endeavour SUV that went off the road and fell into a 400-feet deep ravine. The SUV rolled multiple times but its occupants stayed safe due to the car’s solid build. Recently, a video of an Endeavour that has fallen into a 1000-feet deep gorge has been doing the rounds on the Internet. While we’re not sure if this video has been shot in India, you can clearly see the mangled-remains of an Endeavour SUV. The Endeavour is one of the most premium SUVs in its price bracket and has already won plenty of accolades for the high luxury and safety it offers.

Details of this unfortunate episode are pretty scarce at the moment. However, you can clearly see a mangled Endeavour SUV being pulled out of a deep gorge. This is being done with the help of a tractor, which is, in turn, assisted by a couple of pick-up trucks.

The combined torque of all the three rescue machines successfully pulls the Endeavour out of the great depth, well almost. Soon after the crashed Endeavour’s front wheels come out of the ravine, the link between the metal chain and the rope snaps and the Endeavour rolls back into the great depth.

Like we said, more details about this accident aren’t available at the moment. There’s also no information on the occupants of this SUV. From the looks of it, the Endeavour rolled several times while going off the cliff. This pretty much explains the damaged roof and the slightly bent pillars.

In India, the Ford Endeavour is available in two trim levels – Trend and Titanium. Even the lower variant offers front dual airbags along with other safety features like ABS, EBD and seat-belt warning. The Titanium variant offers a full quota of 7 airbags. Prices of the SUV start at Rs 31.13 lakh.

Video credits – Trending Media on Youtube