Ford Endeavour takes on the Toyota Fortuner in a classic tug of war

Ford Endeavour and Toyota Fortuner are the undefeated market leader in their segment. However, Fortuner always wins the commercials side and the market but there are few enthusiasts who are hell-bent on cheering for the Endeavour. Because they are so head to head, it’s natural that it’s a popular topic of debate amongst SUV enthusiasts. Here is an interesting side of the efficiency of both the cars doing a tug of war. While it’s not a way to measure the power of the car, but it’s still interesting to see who wins.

In the video, the Fortuner is a Sigma-4 variant which comes with a 2.8-litre turbocharged diesel engine that tops at a power of 174 Bhp and 420Nm of peak torque. It is also 4 wheel drive and comes with a 6-speed manual transmission. Coming to the Endeavour in the video, it gets a whopping 3.2- litre five-cylinder diesel engine. India has come to discontinue the BS6 engine in the recent past, but even the Endeavour is still the most powerful engine in the market. It is able to produce a maximum of 179 Bhp and a peak torque of 470 Nm.

In the beginning, we can see both the massive SUVs struggling to pull each other on their side, however, the tug of war ends with the Endeavour being able to pull the Fortuner by a few meters. There was a second-round shown in the video, where the Endeavour could move the Fortuner through a significant distance and the winner was clear. It is still not known whether the driver was the same or different across the two rounds as the driver plays a critical role in this activity as well. Another variable factor is the condition of the tyres of both cars. The primary reason for the Endeavour to win seems to be the low-end torque.

Ford Endeavour takes on the Toyota Fortuner in a classic tug of war

This activity is absolutely not advised for any of us, as it can severely damage the vehicle’s engine, transmission and the drivetrain. There is an immense force put on the engine and it is maxed out with the four wheels not driving towards anywhere but the engine just resisting force. It can damage the mechanicals of the vehicle permanently. Always try and refrain from such challenges for the well being and longevity of your cars. Such tug-of-war can ruin the engine and the transmission of the vehicle. Such extreme force on the vehicle’s engine and transmission can also rapidly increase the wear and tear and make the life of these parts much shorter.

Ford is currently selling its Endeavour only with a single-engine option. It offers a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine that can produce a maximum power of 168 Bhp and 420 Nm peak torque. The Endeavour remains the only car in the Indian market that comes to a 10-speed automatic transmission and there are no options of manual transmission lovers in this car yet but the current version of the vehicles.

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