Ford Endeavour vs Tractor in a tug of war: Who will win

Ford Endeavour is one of the popular full size SUVs sold in India. It competes with SUVs like Toyota Fortuner, MG Gloster in the segment. Ford Endeavour is a capable SUV and has massive road presence. We have seen several videos of Ford Endeavour being driven on tough and off-road sections. Ford Endeavour is also highly popular vehicle in modifications circle and we have seen several examples of modified Ford Endeavours in India and around the world. Here we have a video that shows a Ford Endeavour and a tractor in classic tug of war.


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The video has been shared by 4×4.india on their Instagram page. The video does not share much information like engine, power and torque figures of the contenders. In the video both Ford Endeavour and the tractor can be seen trying to pull each other in an open area. Both the vehicles are tied to each other and the video shows Ford Endeavour successfully pulling the tractor for few metres. The tractor is not a weak contender here, even the tractor pulls the ford Endeavour for couple of metres.

Initially, Both vehicles were not moving and the wheels can be seen spinning freely as there was not traction. Smoke can be seen coming from Ford Endeavour’s tyres. This is just a small video that that has been posted on social media and there are no clear winners. Both Ford Endeavour and tractor are powerful but, it felt like just because Ford Endevour had 4×4 by its side, it performed a bit better than the tractor. Another thing that should be noted here are the tyres, Ford Endeavour is not running on stock alloys and tyres. It looks like the owner has used a bigger alloy and low profile tyre which is not good especially when you are doing such experiments. It looks like a pre-facelift 3.2 model Ford Endeavour.

Ford Endeavour vs Tractor in a tug of war: Who will win

In the video, it felt like both parties were having fun but, should you actually do such experiments on your SUV? Answer to that is a big No. One thing that should be noted here is that, the Ford Endeavour is competing with a Farm tractor. They are designed to pull heavy weights like farming equipment and trailer and have a very torquey engine. They are even used to recover vehicles that might have got stuck.

The Ford Endeavour on the other hand is a full size SUV with a normal diesel engine. It can definitely pull a tractor as we clearly saw in the video. Tractor is a heavy vehicle and also has a torquier engine which is constantly trying to stop Ford Endeavour from pulling it. This puts a lot of pressure on Ford Endeavour’s engine and if you continue to do the same thing for a longer period of time, It will definitely affect some of the components inside the engine and will affect the life of your vehicle.