Ford Endeavour with wide body Raptor kit looks brute [Video]

Ford Endeavour was a popular full-size SUV available in the Indian market. It is a capable SUV that can handle toughest of the terrains without any issue. We have come across several videos where the Ford Endeavour has showcased its capabilities. The SUV and the brand had left Indian market few years ago but, even today, Endeavour is a commonly seen SUV in SUV owners group. A variety of modification options are available for this SUV and here we have one such Endeavour that has been neatly modified with a wide body Raptor kit.

The video has been uploaded by SQV on his YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger speaks to the owner of a Ford Endeavour SUV to know more about the modifications done to it. They driver the SUV to an off-road location to record a video and also do a bit of off-roading. First thing, one would notice about this SUV is that it looks wider than a regular Endeavour and the reason for that is the body kit. The owner of this SUV can be heard saying that he has installed original Raptor body kit on this SUV.

The bonnet of this SUV also has been modified. It now gets a massive functional scoop on it along with a faux vents at the front. The front grille on this SUV has been modified and it comes with marker lamps and Ford branding. The headlamps are Mustang style aftermarket unit with projector lights in ti. The stock bumper on this SUV Endeavour has been replaced with an aftermarket unit. The SUV also looks a lot more taller than a stock Endeavour. The owner mentions that he has upgraded the suspension setup and it is now 4 inch taller than stock Endeavour.

Ford Endeavour with wide body Raptor kit looks brute [Video]

The company fitted alloy wheels have been replaced with an all-black aftermarket alloy wheels from Black Rhino. The owner got these wheels imported specifically for his SUV. The wider wheels and alloys do not stick out of the body of the Endeavour as the fenders and cladding have also been updated as part of the wide body kit. There is a Raptor graphic sticker on the rear fender and an aftermarket spoiler can be seen on the roof of the SUV. All the chrome elements or garnishes from the SUV has been removed and the stock tail lamps has been retained. A set of reflector lamps can be seen on the rear bumper.

Mechanically, the owner has done stage 2 remap on this SUV and he is planning to upgrade the turbo and the intercooler on this SUV soon. The SUV also gets an aftermarket exhaust from HKS and it does sound quite good. As this is a diesel SUV, the sound is not exactly sporty but, it does resemble with some huge truck. The owner has also changed the steering wheel on this SUV to an aftermarket carbon fibre flat bottom unit. The video also shows how the SUV was performing off-road. As the owner did not want to damage the vehicle, he was very careful while driving through the obstacles.