Ford Figo Bloggers Drive begins; our Figo says Hi!

The Ford Figo has rolled back into our office as part of Ford India’s “Ford Figo Bloggers Drive,” which was flagged off today.

Ford Figo Bloggers Drive begins; our Figo says Hi!

The competition is part of the company’s initiative to engage readers on some hand-picked blogs and websites. There are some amazing Figo goodies for the taking, so read on if you wish to lay your hands on them.


Ford Figo Bloggers Drive begins; our Figo says Hi!
How's that for an angry face?

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Day 2 of Bloggers Drive: Light-painting of the Ford Figo

We took the Figo into some dark lanes of Noida, and attempted to create a light-painting of the Figo with a flashlight and a camera on a tripod. See what came out!

For the next five days, we (and the competing sites) will be posting stories and videos about the Figo. All you have to do is to leave as many intelligent comments and feedback as you want to. Sorry, “nice review” won’t classify as intelligent or a comment. At the end of the week, the site with the highest quality comments would be declared winner. If we win, we’ll reward our top 10 commenters with the gifts worth about Rs 50,000, courtesy of Ford.

So keep an eye out for our posts. And keep those comments coming.

Oh, and for a change, today we’ll let the Figo speak for itself.


I’ll keep the introduction short, because most of you would remember me, Figo, being featured on DWS in April (Read Ford Figo diesel road test). The folks here then had given me a thumbs-up for spaciousness, ride quality, handling and, above all, affordability.

But the wheels, I’m told, they’re a turning — with the arrival of the Volkswagen Polo. Now I’m not the kind that toots my horn, but I’m unique, and here’s why.

Even before I get started, I can see the DWS guys nod their heads in approval.

Big-Car Feel: I may be a hatchback, but that doesn’t mean I’m small. The roomy cabin space can make even the Hyundai i20 and Skoda Fabia feel threatened.

Color: You could own me in seven different colors but lime green, or Squeeze, as Ford calls it, suits me best. It’s fresh, trendy and lends me a very summery appeal. I’m sure the ladies wouldn’t stop gushing. And oh, it does grab a few eyeballs, all green with envy, I suppose.

Trim: Whatever anyone may have to say about the optional Coral Red treatment on the Titanium series, I find it a sporty and red-hot in appeal. The red illumination on the gauges, audio and controls make my dash seem straight out of some sci-fi movie.

Aircon: Figo, in colloquial Italian, means cool and hey, I do live up to my name! The aircon system’s large compressor chills up the cabin in minutes, even on the lowest blower setting. The 360-degree adjustable vents let users ensure optimum cooling.

Bluetooth: Very few of my peers can claim this quality. Sync your Bluetooth phone, and then tap on the redial button of the audio screen to call the last number used. You can even access your phonebook, missed calls, received calls, dialled numbers and redial though my speakers. You can play music in the audio system even without having to insert the ignition key. I turn it off automatically after an hour of playing.

Boot space: At 284 liters, I’ve got the largest boot among all current B-segment cars. That’s 4 liters more than the Volkswagen Polo’s, but since when did extra space hurt?

Ford Figo Bloggers Drive begins; our Figo says Hi!
Photos, clockwise from top left: The Ford Figo's panic brake light, doors, wind-up door at the rear, powered rear view mirror, music system with Bluetooth connection to mobile phone, and pedal placement.

Now, go ahead and post your comments and questions, and we shall see how we do!