Ford Figo crashes at high speed: Owner poses with the car thanking build quality

Accidents on highways are quite common as they often occur at high speeds. This is one such accident that happened on the Ropar-Manali highway. The owner of a Ford Figo hatchback was driving on the highway when the accident happened late at night. Despite the severity of the crash, the owner was impressed with the build quality of the car and even posed with the overturned vehicle.

The incident occurred late at night and was recorded on the dashboard camera of the car. The car veered off the road on a curve and rolled over. The vehicle was travelling at around 70 km/h at the time of the accident, according to the dashboard camera.

The owner was driving with two of his friends when they all started feeling sleepy around Ropar. Unfortunately, the owner couldn’t stay focussed and lost control of the vehicle, causing it to veer off the road and crash. Although the car rolled over, all passengers were safe. The main cause of the accident was fatigue since the owner had been driving for more than 12 hours, which caused him to lose concentration and led to the crash.

The Ford Figo looks severely damaged after multiple rollovers; however, it kept all three passengers safe. The roof of the car got crumpled, but all the pillars are intact and did not sustain any damage. The airbags also deployed and saved the passengers from the impact, which is why all the passengers are inside the vehicle.

The owner of the car, who was driving the vehicle, even took a picture of the overturned Figo. Sadly, Ford has left the Indian market and currently does not sell any vehicles. Only a few service centres of the brand are still active.

Drowsy driving is dangerous

Ford Figo crashes at high speed: Owner poses with the car thanking build quality

Driving while feeling drowsy can lead to dangerous accidents. In many cases, driving for long hours without any break can cause fatigue and cause the driver to experience highway hypnosis. In such situations, the brain takes longer to respond, and it feels like sleeping with the eyes wide open. Many accidents on highways are caused by highway hypnosis.

The NHAI conducted several studies on NH2, which passes through West Bengal, and found that about 60% of accidents caused by newly made highways were due to highway hypnosis. The study was conducted between Barakpur and Dakuni, which are some of the straightest and smoothest roads in the country. The study was done a few years ago and served as a wake-up call for the authorities and motorists.

Taking regular breaks and even napping by parking the car in a safe spot can reduce the chances of accidents on highways.

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