Shocking accident: Driver distracted by phone call; crash kills 3 MBA students

Three MBA students were killed in a car crash in Bangalore after the vehicle turned over. The accident took place on the NICE corridor at 7:30 AM on Friday. Five students were travelling in the car and two of them survived the accident.

How did it happen?

Shocking accident: Driver distracted by phone call; crash kills 3 MBA students

Accordingto initial reports, it looks like this was a case of distraction due to mobile phone (but not a case of texting and driving). The students hired a rental car, a Ford Figo, and were coming back to the city. Praveen Chakravarthy, who was driving the vehicle, was possibly driving at a high speed on the road when his phone rang. He lost control while trying to answer the call. The car was allegedly at a high speed, and according to cops, it veered towards the left sharply. The sharp turning flipped the car. Due to the speed, it was dragged along for about 50 meters before stopping.

The deceased are Harsha Srivastav, of Andhra Pradesh, Shruthi Gopinathan Nair from Kerala and Arshia Kumar from Jharkand. The injured are identified as Pavit Kohli from Jharkhand and Praveen Chakravarthy from Tamil Nadu. All three of the deceased are girl students. All were MBA students at Alliance University students at Anekal.

A police officer said,

“Praveen was not under the influence of alcohol. We suspect that Praveen while driving received a phone call and while trying to answer the call, he lost control and veered to the extreme left and the car toppled. The car was dragged to nearly 50 metres. The families of the deceased have been informed,” 

Car rental companies often a speed limit violation fine, which is monitored via a GPS installed in the vehicle. We are not sure if this vehicle had the device. It is also being said that car was trying to overtake a truck at high speed when it went out of control and turned turtle. According to one report, one of the survivors, Pavita Kohli, told the police that they had requested the driver (Praveen) to slow down but he did not pay heed.

Shocking accident: Driver distracted by phone call; crash kills 3 MBA students

It is possible that the occupants sitting in the rear were not wearing seatbelts, which is common practice in India. Unbelted passengers could thrown around in the vehicle during a crash, causing fatal injuries.

Workers on the NICE road were the first to arrive at the scene of the accident, and took the victims to the hospital. Two of the victims died on the spot while the third occupant succumbed to her injuries on the way to the hospital.

The driver, Praveen has been booked under Section 279 (rash driving), 337 (Causing hurt by act endangering life or personal safety of others) and 304 (culpable homicide not amounting to murder).

Few things to take care while riding on the Indian highways:

  • Slowest lane is the safest for the bike riders, always use the left lane while on the highways.
  • Mobile phones distract you and they should not be used by the driver when the vehicle is in motion.
  • Use a full face helmet and keep the visor closed, many insects or dust may enter eyes and can cause problems.
  • Don’t follow and get shielded by bigger vehicles as they block the view of the road ahead. If they stop suddenly due to an emergency, you will not have enough time to brake.
  • Keep away from sand, hay and brick carriers on the road. Such trucks or tractors release a lot of small particles that can enter your eyes and make you uncomfortable.
  • Keep distance from the other vehicles. Motorcycle brakes are good, but cars can stop at a shorter distance, do not tailgate a car on the highways.

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