Ford Figo price and specifications still secret

It seems the unveiling of the Ford small car for India was all about business plans and strategy. True, the car was displayed, videos were released, pictures were available. But in the end, no one knew much about the car. Updated: Ford Figo prices officially announced (9 March 2010)

Ford Figo price and specifications still secret
Ford Figo photo

We had heard before the launch that the small car would feature both 1.2 liter diesel and a 1.5 liter diesel engines. Any confirmation on that during the Figo launch? None. Visit the Ford Figo photo gallery.

Which cars would it be positioned against? Size-wise, the Ford Figo looks like a Ritz-class car. Which means a pretty large bunch of cars as competition.

That might change the entire game is the price. There are rumours that this car would be priced at Rs 2.5 lakh ex-showroom. But we also hear a price of 3.5 lakhs. If even the higher figure is true, that would mean a price tag that is lower than the Volkswagen Polo (which itself is rumoured to be be priced cheap at rs 4 lakhs) and the Fiat Punto. That surely will set the cat among the pigeons.

If that is true.

I am sure the actual price of the Ford Figo will be decided only just before the actual launch. Remember, this was an unveiling, not a launch. The Figo launch would be in March 2010 from what we hear. Announcing the price so early does not make sense for Ford anyway.

Specifications? That is not going to stay secret for long, and why bother? In the next one month, I am sure details of the actual specifications would start leaking into the media.

The initial reactions to the Figo seem favourable though. Pretty much everyone likes the smart new grille and the headlights, and the bumper area. On the sides and rear, opinion is mixed.

What Ford will need to watch out for, possibly, is a misconception that the Figo is a new version of the Fusion. I don’t think that will happen though. Remember that there were many who liked the little crossover looks of the Fusion but didn’t go near it due to the high price tag. A bit of smart advertising is all Ford needs to do in that department to ensure clarity.