Ford Figo pros and cons

The Ford Figo is a popular premium hatchback and has done well for Ford in the India market. The Figo has been selling an average of roughly 5000 units for the past six months and seems to be going strong.

The Figo despite of all that it offers hasn’t really become the segment leader and it does have its own limitations. Here we take a look at the Ford Figo’s pros and cons to give you a better idea of where it rules and where it doesn’t!

new ford figo review

Ford Figo Pros

The Figo is one of the cheapest cars in the segment with a price of Rs. 3.81 lakh to Rs.5.94 lakh. That makes it an attractive buy for those on a tight budget. It is also a very spacious car and offers great legroom and headroom by small car standards. The Figo also boasts of more features for its price across variants when compared to other cars in the segment. If that wasn’t enough to lure you into buying the Figo it also has the lowest maintenance cost, even lower than Maruti! It’s also offers good ride quality and is comfortable for long drives.

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Ford Figo Cons

Like all things there is a flipside to the Figo as well. It doesn’t have enough power (70 bhp petrol and 68 bhp diesel) and won’t quite cut it for you if you are an enthusiastic driver. Despite its lack of power the Figo is not so great on the mileage front either with a claimed, 16 kmpl for the petrol and 20 kmpl for the diesel. Neither does the Figo have the best interiors in the segment; rather its interiors are below par for a premium hatch. Then there is the most prevalent issue with the Figo; it hits speed breakers and its underbody gets scraped on potholes with all passengers on board.

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Buying advice

The Ford Figo is an inexpensive, spacious and feature-rich car for the family. You should buy the Figo if you aren’t too particular about power and interior quality. It is value for money and will be light on your pocket.