Ford India is planning to add three new features to the top-end Figo which will likely be launched within this month. The new features are a tilt steering, USB port for the 2-DIN audio system and standard alloy wheels.

CarToq spoke to Ford dealers across India who confirmed that the top-end variant is indeed coming with the aforementioned features. A dealer further stated that the vehicles with new features have already been dispatched to them and will be delivered to customers in about ten days.

ford figo photo

Whether Ford will increase the price for the upcoming Figo Titanium with new features is yet to be known. At present, the Figo Titanium petrol variant is priced at Rs. 4.67 lakh and the Figo Titanium diesel variant is priced at Rs. 5.67 lakh. All prices are ex-showroom, Delhi.

Present features

At present the Figo Titanium comes with two airbags, ABS, fog lights, rear wiper/wash, engine immobilizer, power steering, height adjustable driver seat,  electric mirrors, remote locking, central locking, front power windows, AC, fold-down rear seats, CD player with Aux-in port, four speakers and Bluetooth connectivity. Read our Ford Figo petrol road test here

Performance and mileage

The Figo petrol’s engine performance is adequate for city commuting; the Figo diesel however is a solid performer with good mid range punch useful on open roads. The Figo petrol is powered by a 1.2-litre Duratec engine that produces 71 bhp and 102 Nm while the Figo diesel is powered by a 1.4-litre Duratorq that makes 68 bhp of power and 160 Nm of torque. The claimed mileage of Figo petrol is 15.6 kmpl while that of the Figo diesel is 20 kmpl.

Space and comfort

The Figo has lot of space, especially for the rear passengers and a large boot space of Figo of 284 litres. It is also the largest selling model for Ford in Indian market. The Figo is comfortable and the ride is reasonably smooth and compliant.

The Figo is already an excellent value for money proposition and the introduction of new features will stir some excitement amidst potential buyers. These features bring the Figo at par with the competition as they are available as standard on top-end variants of all premium hatchbacks such as the Maruti Suzuki Swift, Tata Vista and the Toyota Liva.


  1. Figo is realy a very good and spacious car its nice that ford is giving some of the features like tilt steering, USB port for the 2-DIN audio system and standard alloy wheels.but still rear power windows, rear spoiler with led, rear fog lamps, option of auto transmission and sunroof, option of 6 airbags, integrated turn indicators on mirrors with folding, roof rails etc are some realy useful and

  2. Its better to go for the basic diesel model and get the accessories installed as its cheaper and better.

  3. Is Ford Planning to do something for the Rear Window. I had a word with dealer and they said all the dealers have complained Ford about it but they said it is the way most american cars are. They need to understand this is not America..this is India….

  4. It is not better without power windows and 20k cheaper than the nearest rival. Honestly, how often do you use the rear power windows??

  5. Dan Stevens Manuel I use is often. Now what I see is Half way down power windows that is not practical for me. I mean I am using Ikon 1.6 and very satisfied with the performance. I would really ford to understand me as a consumer that over here 20k cheaper with half way down power windows dose matters. I buy /recommend ford because I like the boost that I get in Ikon. 130Nm@2500rpm quite impres

  6. Simant Mohan Prasad i dont think it’ll sell at all at this high price bracket .
    the trump card for the figo is its price .
    and the perfect value for money package .
    you mess with it, and it is a total flop .

  7. though i do agree that the rear window must roll down fully .
    you are absolutely right there .
    but i personally think that power window can be done without minus the 20k less cost .

  8. Aanshul Verma its still a flop. I do not see the sale as compared to others…
    It needs a complete make over. If they add all those features and then increase the price it will never be a flop. Moreover if you think it will be a flop then I do not agree.

  9. Simant Mohan Prasad no brother . high price is a very big deterrent .
    at a higher price no matter what ever ford does as a value addition it will not sell period . i’d rather buy a nissan sunny or any sedan or even an i20 premium or even a basic verna .
    at a higher price it will lose the game .

  10. no brother. the titanium now comes with fog lamps as standard along with a few other additions since october 1

  11. Aanshul Verma it depends on what are you looking for. If you are looking for size go for sunny, if you do not know anything and have no idea about cars also you think you drive fast go for i20 (this is really good for nothing car), again if you are from delhi and you like all those chinese gadgets and you think that in car its more important to have electronic gizmos rather than Engine got for Ve

  12. Simant Mohan Prasad
    M I N D B L O W I N G !!
    This needs to be Published !
    I love it when someone f u c k s the automotive jerks in their language .
    I think Hyundai is a master in COPY ! And it is the best CHINESE Auto Manufacturer from South Korea :p they deserve a place in the chinese hall of fame .
    And so true about the Ford Ikon 1.6 .
    I enjoyed it for 5 years . and unlike strange others who ke

  13. Aanshul Verma I saw Ford is planning for Something new.
    Even Polo is going to show off with 1.6 [90BHP]
    Punto already has it [90BHP] but its made more for city rather than highway.
    We still need a car for highway. Now everyone cannot go and buy BMW M5 and Boast around. My Point is can we have a small car with following facility

    1> 1.5 ltr Diesel Engine {there comes milege/price}
    2> A turbo charg

  14. Simant Mohan Prasad I think you should apply for a job in Ford R&D :p
    Atleast some of your dream can be realized :)

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