Ford India shares tips to maintain your car during lockdown

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has already hit India and almost every state in the country is currently going through a lockdown. During this time, once again offices have been closed and people are forced to work from home. It has now become the new normal and in such situations use of cars have come down drastically. It is spending most of its time in the parking lot and Ford is now sharing some tips to maintain your car that has been parked during the lockdown.

Start with the place where you park your car. When the car has to stand for a longer time, park it under a shed to keep it safer and cleaner. In absence of a shed, invest in a quality cover as it will keep the car from rusting and fading under the sun. Avoid using the cover indoors so that the moisture evaporates faster especially in humid weather. Next is the tyre pressure. To maintain smooth contact between the vehicle and the road, the car tyres cannot be over or under-inflated. If the car is idle for a longer period, the pressure in the tyres tends to reduce. Hence, it’s important to check the tyre pressure regularly, especially during the lockdown. Also, keep a check on the valves and valve caps for leaks.

If you are parking the car for a longer period of time then, find a level ground and avoid engaging the handbrake as rust might form at the point of contact between the brake pads and the disc/drum, causing it to jam. Alternate option is to use wheel chocks to keep it from rolling and leave the car in first gear. Another major problems of leaving a car unused is rusting on the inside of the fuel tank. Low fuel level can have a detrimental effect on the fuel pump – it will wear the pump out faster. Low fuel level might also allow condensation to develop in an empty tank, inviting corrosion. So, fill the car to the brim with quality fuel and ensure the tank is sealed properly as well.

If you are not using the car for a longer period of time, it is a good idea to disconnect the batteries. Greasing the terminals and the wire ends prevents rusting. Alternatively, start the vehicle every fourth or fifth day and idle the engine for a few minutes to ensure that the battery is working normally. 

Another important thing that one should keep in mind is the engine oil. Owner should make sure that the engine oil used in the car is changed at regular intervals. Just like the exterior, keeping the interior of a car clean is also important. For this, start the car every fourth or fifth day and start the AC and the blower – this helps in removing the dust or other particles present in the cabin. Never leave any eatables inside the car and ensure that all the windows on the car are closed. These tips are not just applicable for Ford vehicles but, can be used on any car.