Ford-Mahindra Figo Aspire Electric compact sedan launch timeline revealed

Ford will launch an electric compact sedan based on the Figo Aspire next year. Mahindra will give Ford the electric vehicle technology required to put the car into serial production. Mahindra already has an electric car division that sells the E20 hatchback and the eVerito sedan in India. Both electric cars use technology developed in-house by Mahindra. The Figo Aspire will benefit from such technology, and is expected to feature an electric motor and a lithium ion battery pack as major components of the electric powertrain. The electric compact sedan will also be sold by Mahindra after badge-engineering.

Ford-Mahindra Figo Aspire Electric compact sedan launch timeline revealed

The whole idea behind Mahindra supplying electric vehicle technology for the Ford Figo Aspire is to in turn be able to sell the car under the Mahindra brand. This approach will allow Mahindra to access a modern compact sedan platform without having to spend hundreds of crores developing such a platform from scratch.

This approach will also allow Mahindra to cheaply replace the eVerito, a car that’s quite old, with the Figo Aspire Electric. By using electric vehicle technology from Mahindra, Ford will quickly be able to put an electric car into production for the Indian market without having to develop EV technology from scratch.

The Figo Aspire Electric will also allow Ford to supply this car to the Indian government, which has plans to source thousands of electric cars for use by various departments. The government has an ambitious target of putting lakhs of electric cars on Indian roads by 2030.

It plans to start the EV revolution in India by mandating that governmental departments and public sector undertakings use electric cars. Ford has never turned a profit in India, and the latest foray into electric cars may just help the American automaker be one of the first movers in this segment. The exact specifications of the Figo Aspire Electric are expected to be revealed in the coming months.

Via USAToday