Shelby’s ‘2 crore rupee car’ coming to India: Details!

The coming months will see brands like MG and Kia being launched in India. Many other brands like Peugeot have also started preparing for their Indian debut which will happen after 2019. Joining the list now is Shelby, the renowned car tuners responsible for timeless classics like the Shelby Cobra. Reports suggest that Pune-based AJP Group is planning to introduce the Shelby nameplate in India. The AJP Group will assemble the high-end performance cars in India in partnership with Shelby India.

Shelby’s ‘2 crore rupee car’ coming to India: Details!

As for the launch details, it is expected that the brand will be here by this year itself. To let you know, Shelby is one of the most famous tuner houses in the world. Among its most famous creations are the highly tuned versions of the Ford Mustang and the Raptor. The company is named after its founder, Carroll Shelby, who is considered to be among the finest automotive engineer ever. Shelby recently unveiled the 2020 Shelby Mustang GT500. This is the most powerful Mustang, featuring a 5.2-litre, supercharged V8 engine producing more than 700 Bhp.

Commenting on the developments, the newly-appointed group chief operating officer Manas Dewan said:

“The Shelby racing cars are souped-up and modified for performance. AJP Group is a technical partner of Shelby India. We will customize the cars in India and carry out necessary modifications and upgrades. Shelby India will look after the marketing and distribution of these cars. Shelby will support its Indian customers with warranty backup just as it does worldwide,”


The first cars will roll out after the first half of this year and as mentioned earlier, will be customized locally by AJP Group. The cars tuned by Shelby get a ton of modification on them including sporty body kits and lots of carbon fibre parts. The engines are also given a boost and the overall character of the car is tuned for performance.

The launch of Shelby in India will mark a new chapter for the country, as the famous tuner house is known for making some of the wildest cars in the world. Given the increasing popularity of modified and performance tuned cars in India, Shelby could also have reasonable success here.