Ford offers ‘midnight sale’ on Dec. 5 with discounts and deals

Ford is organizing a “midnight sale” on December 5, where its 160 showrooms in 129 cities will remain open from 8 am till midnight, allowing extended hours for customers to walk in and book a Ford vehicle.

Ford offers ‘midnight sale’ on Dec. 5 with discounts and deals

Along with the midnight sale, all customers who book a Ford vehicle on that day will get an assured gift ranging from LED TVs, microwave ovens, washing machines and home-theatre systems, making this more of a shopping extravaganza than just a car booking. Ford says, that by having extended hours at the showroom, potential customers can come in and book a car after working hours too, instead of having to wait for a weekend. The company has been having such midnight sales every three-four months, with reasonable success, it claims.

The discounts on Ford vehicles will continue through the month of December as well, as part of Ford’s “December Dhamaal” campaign. Of course, most of the offers on Ford vehicles are mainly focussed on the petrol models, which are hardly selling even 15% of what the diesels are doing.

Ford discounts

Here are some of the offers:

The Ford Figo petrol is being offered with free first year insurance (worth about Rs. 14,000) and free extended warranty as a loyalty bonus as well. The total value of the discounts being offered on the new Figo amounts to about Rs. 25,000. Also read: New Ford Figo launched

The Ford Classic has a similar offer on all its models of free first year insurance (worth about Rs. 18,000) and  extended warranty as part of a loyalty bonus package. The benefits on the Ford Classic amount to about Rs. 34,000.

The offer is even better on the new Ford Fiesta. The car gets free insurance, discount on exchange of older car, and free accessories (such as mats, seat covers etc). The total benefits including discounts add up to Rs. 72,000 on the new Fiesta.

The Ford Endeavour also has offers on insurance, accessories and exchange bonus amounting to Rs. 81,000 worth of benefits.

Although the discounts on the Figo are not much, this car is one of the more inexpensive ones in its segment, and with this offer, it is even more attractive. The new Fiesta has not been selling well, and it is a good car, but because of the initial high pricing, it has failed to attract buyers. Discounts of up to Rs. 72,000 make the car better value than a Honda City at similar prices.

If you were looking to buy a Ford car, this would be a good time to book one.