Ford official TVC talks about how affordable it’s to maintain the EcoSport & other Fords now


Ford India for a long time has maintained that they offer the cars with the cheapest maintenance cost for a long time in India. However, there are numerous myths surrounding the service charges of Ford cars that say that all the models from the American brand are quite expensive to maintain. Well, Ford has not released a new TVC that debunks the myth and reaffirms the claim that they are the most affordable vehicles to maintain in the segment.

The digital film features Vijay Raaz, who has featured as protagonist Sharma Ji in it. The film mentions that the Ford EcoSport, which is a sub-4m compact SUV cost only Rs 1,300 to service in the first year while the charges go only high as Rs 4,500 in the fifth year. This is a huge advantage to the people who keep their vehicles for a longer time and worry about the rising service cost too much.

Rahul Gautam, vice president Marketing at Ford India, said,

“We recognize the importance of a low cost of ownership for Indian customers and have worked relentlessly to ensure that Ford service cost is not just transparent but also competitive through-out the lifecycle. Alongside the efforts, our communication has been fun & intuitive. Our latest campaign is no different and delivers a very important message in a lighthearted way. With the campaign, we encourage both Ford owners and intenders to use Service Price Promise & compare other brands on cost & transparency – to realize the Ford advantage.”

Ford offers the Service Price Calculator that ensures that the customer can get a precise price that they have to pay for the service even before visiting the service centre. The service price calculator will also reveal the prices of all the parts and exact labour cost for the service. The customer can just walk to the dealership after calculating the charges and be assured that no extra money will be charged by the dealership. Ford cars are one of the most affordable ones in the market to service.

Ford official TVC talks about how affordable it’s to maintain the EcoSport & other Fords now

In recent times, Ford has also taken technologically advanced steps like integrating AI services to the service cost calculator. The customer can simply ask Google Assistant about a Ford car’s service cost and it will do the rest for you.

Ford announced their official partnership with Mahindra earlier this year. Both the brands will keep on existing separately in the market. Both the brands, however, will develop vehicles for the Indian market in the future that will be sold separately in the market.