Ford recalls 1.66 lakh Figo and Classic to fix problems. Should you worry?

Ford has issued a recall or what it calls “field service action” that covers 1.66 lakh Ford Figos and Ford Classics that were made and sold between January 2010 and June 2012. This recall is to inspect and fix problems with the rear suspension and the power steering system.

Ford India says that this is preemptive action on rear axle of 131,922 cars (of both the Figo and the Classic) because of potential problems. This is the second time that Ford is issuing this recall, as an extension of the recall it issued last year for the same issue. Also read: Ford recalls Figo and Classic for suspension, steering fixes 

Ford recalls 1.66 lakh Figo and Classic to fix problems. Should you worry?

Apparently the rear axle beam could develop a crack, which first results in abnormal noise and if the owner continues to ignore that suspension noise, the beam could break. This would drastically affect the ride and handling and could also make the vehicle inoperable (as it would squat down on the rear wheels).

The second problem relates to 34,099 cars who have probable defects with their power steering hoses. Both the Figo and the Classic use hydraulic power steering systems. The hoses on these cars could develop an oil leak, which would result in fumes being emitted from the area when the engine is hot. Power steering fluid could also leak out and drop on to the car’s exhaust system, which could result in a lot of smoke from the engine and in the worst case scenario even a fire.

In addition to this recall, Ford will also inspect 109,469 Figo and 22,453 Ford Classics that were sold between January 2011 and June 2012 for the same faults. Parts would be replaced free of cost if needed. Also read: Ford recalls diesel Ford EcoSport to change glow plug module 

Ford recalls 1.66 lakh Figo and Classic to fix problems. Should you worry?

Should you worry about this recall?

If you own a Ford Figo or a Ford Classic, should you be worried? The answer is no. In fact, this is a good move on the part of the company to recall the Figo and Classic proactively and fix these problems before major issues arise. The company says that so far there have been no reported accidents or injuries because of these issues.

If you own these cars, do enter the VIN number on the Ford India website and see if your car is part of the “Field Service Action”. You could also take your car to the nearest Ford service station for inspection or check for fluid leaks in the engine yourself, and report any abnormal suspension noises.

Last year, in September, Ford India had recalled 1.28 lakh Figo and Classic cars for similar problems, and this current notice is an extension of the same recall. Ford customers will be notified by the company as well by email and letters. This recall applies to the old pre-facelift Ford Figo, not the new one.

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