Ford’s latest video starring the Endeavour luxury SUV wants you to road trip

Ford Endeavour is one of those car which can be called as one of the best looking SUV in the segment. Endeavour got a facelift and was launched backed in 2016 and recently it got some minor cosmetic changes to catch up with the growing competition in the segment. It is basically a full size SUV that competes with Toyota Fortuner, Mahindra Alturas and Isuzu MUX in the segment. Endeavour is not just about the looks. It is a capable SUV that can take you to all types of terrains. Recently Ford has released a video featuring the Endeavour that focuses of Exploring new places.

The 2 min video is called ‘Raastey’ or path. The video shows a valley with literally no road at all and it is quite clear from the video that it is a challenging terrain as there is no sign of civilization nearby. Then the video shows an Endeavour that is moving effortlessly through this uninhabited area with literally no roads at all.

The video is about ones who dare to charter their unique routes on the path of self-discovery. This awe-inspiring video pays a homage to the unwavering spirit of a true explorer who dared to go beyond what was expected of most. The video has been produced as part of their campaign ‘Discover More’. The video actually is so mesmerising visually that it wakes up the traveler inside everyone and wants us to go on a road trip.

The video wants us to discover more by taking the roads less traveled or may be to go to places that are yet to be explored in their SUV. It truly lifts up the spirit of a traveler.  The video also focuses on the capabilities of the Endeavour. The SUV is seen tackling all the difficult terrains like snow, loose gravel sections effortlessly.

The Ford Endeavour is available with two engine options, a 2.2-litre turbo diesel engine and a 3.2-litre diesel engine. While the 2.2-litre turbo diesel motor puts out 160 PS of peak power and 385 Nm of peak torque, The 3.2-litre 5 cylinder diesel engine is a lot more powerful. It produces 200 PS of peak power and 470 Nm of peak torque, both of which are class leading outputs. The 2.2L version gets option for both manual and automatic gearbox which powers the rear wheels whereas the 3.2L gets automatic transmission with 4WD. Soon, Ford will replace both these engines with a new, 2 liter-4 cylinder unit that makes 500 Nm of peak torque and gets a 10 speed automatic gearbox as an option.