Ford’s midnight sale offer on May 13

Ford India is offering its customers an attractive incentive for bookings made on Sunday, May 13, 2012. The offer includes low interest rates for some models, exchange bonus and corporate discounts. Ford dealers located in 125 cities across the country will keep their showrooms open from 8 am till midnight on the day to give buyers enough time to close deals in Ford showrooms.

To entice buyers into Ford showrooms, the company is also offering “assured gifts” such as LED TVs, camcorders, mobile phones, etc to buyers. Here are the details of the ‘Ford Midnight Sales’ offer valid only for May 13, 2012:

Ford’s midnight sale offer on May 13

Deal details

Ford Fiesta

– 10.99% interest Rate

Ford Figo (Rs. 24,500 deal)

–  Exchange bonus of Rs. 10,000 and insurance worth Rs. 14,500

Ford Endeavour

–  10.99% Interest Rate

Ford Classic Petrol (Rs. 54,500 deal)

– Exchange bonus of Rs. 20,000, corporate discount and accessories worth Rs. 9,000 and insurance worth Rs. 25,500

Ford Classic Diesel (Rs. 10,000 deal)

-Insurance worth Rs. 10,000


Is this a good deal?

This is a good deal for buyers who book a Ford vehicle on May 13. The interest rate of 10.99% is being offered through HDFC bank, which normally has rates ranging has high was 14%. This 10.99% interest rate is on a three year or 36 month loan and is lower than the lowest car loan on offer – which is from SBI at 11.25%.


The Figo is already a value for money proposition for its prices are substantially lower than other hatchbacks in the segment. A deal of Rs. 24,500 in the form of exchange bonus and insurance is definitely worth it, as this will make the Figo’s on-road price almost as low as that of a Wagon-R.

Ford is also trying to push the sales of its Classic petrol by offering up to Rs. 54,500 in the form of exchange bonus, accessories and insurance. This would make the Classic petrol just as expensive as a Maruti Dzire VXi. There’s also an offer on the Fiesta diesel, but that’s only for insurance worth Rs. 10,000, which isn’t much. Of course, not many are brave enough to offer discounts on diesel cars because of the prevalent demand.

Overall, if you’ve been contemplating buying a Ford, the “Midnight Sale Offer” is a good time to book one, as you can also get some other consumer goods like a mobile phone or TV thrown in, which depends on a lucky draw that is done when you book the car.