Foreigners hitch a free ride in Goa by hanging on to bus [Video]

Goa is a major tourist attraction in India and visitors from around the world come to the state to spend time. These two foreign tourists found an innovative but illegal way to use public transport and reach their destinations. The video is now going viral on the Internet.

The video has been shot in Mapusa in Goa. It shows two tourists hanging on the rear of the bus. It seems like the couple was unaware that someone is making a video of them. They can be seen with their backpacks on them.

It is extremely dangerous to do such things even though we get to see many Indians doing the same, especially in Tier-II cities where public transport is scarce. Also, one should know that this is illegal and they can be penalised for hanging on public transport like this. Also, travelling on public transport without paying for it is an offence in India.

Apart from being illegal, it is also dangerous. A road hump or a pothole can cause them to fall. India is not known for its good road conditions anyway. If they fall in front of another vehicle, it can also become fatal.

Police can penalise

Foreigners hitch a free ride in Goa by hanging on to bus [Video]

Travelling on the roof of the bus or hanging behind a bus is illegal but still remains a common sight across the country. Local police forces often do routine checks by setting up barricades and educating such people travelling on the roof or hanging behind the bus.

Tourists in Goa are often blamed for not following rules and doing offensive things that are illegal and dangerous. In many cases, we have seen tourists taking vehicles to the beaches and driving around. In many cases, these are protected beaches where turtles lay their eggs. With the complaints of the locals, police often catch such offenders but it remains a problem for the locals.

Many tourists have been caught and arrested in the past. In fact, many vehicles have been seized by the cops too. Since Goa is a tourist place, most of the income of the state comes from tourism. However, most locals remain angry with such rowdy tourist behaviour.

Also, one should note that getting around Goa can be expensive because of taxi unions. Most tourists either rent vehicles or they hire a taxi. Using public transport is something that most tourists do not do in Goa.

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