Forest officer on scooter scolds wild elephant: It obeys, goes back into the forest!

Incidents of Wild elephants and other animals getting into villages and towns near the jungle have gone up. The infrastructure developments and lack of food sources in the jungle are some of the reasons behind it. Cases where elephants have attacked vehicles, destroyed houses and also farmlands have been reported several times. However, here we have a video where a Forest officer scolds a wild elephant that had come out of the jungle and makes it back off and go back into the jungle.

The video has been shared by Mathrubhumi News on their YouTube channel. The incident had happened last year in November. The video shows a wild elephant backing off after being scolded by a Forest watcher. The elephant had come out of the jungle and was creating problems on a state highway. In this video, we see a Forest Watcheron a scooter sitting on a scooter near the elephant and scolding it. Once the forest officer started scolding the elephant, the animal turned around and started to climb back up into the jungle.

There is no clarity on what actually changed the mind of the elephant. Initially, it was looking extremely dangerous and it felt like, it might attack the forest guard or watcher. However, nothing like that happened. The whole incident was recorded as a video by a person and i had gone viral on the internet too. The video even reached the Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) of the region, who warned the forest guard to not repeat such action. According to DFO, while the forest guard is experienced to handle such situations in such a manner, the general public might repeat the same type of interaction if any elephant tries to come in their way, which can create a possible accident in the future.

Forest officer on scooter scolds wild elephant: It obeys, goes back into the forest!
Forest watcher scolding elephant

In this video report, the Forest watcher (Sakthivel) who scolded the elephant can be seen sharing his experience. He mentioned that he was well-versed with geography, wildlife and vegetation of the region. He knows all the wild elephants in the region and is also aware about how every elephant would behave with humans. He was aware of the fact that he was scolding a wild animal and any moment it could have attacked him. To be on a safer side, he was prepared to run if the elephant had attacked him. This incident had happened in November last year and sadly in January this year, the same forest watcher got killed by a wild elephant while he was trying to scare them off at Panniar estate.

This is exactly the reason why we have been asking people to not get into such situation. Animals can get triggered due to scary noises and sudden movements. It is best to stay away from animals. If you see an animal crossing a road while passing through a road near forest, be patent. Ensure that you park the vehicle on the road side and give way to the animal. Turn off the lights and also music to avoid any distrubance. Also ensure that you don’t feed wild animals while passing through such areas as it would affect their natural lifestyle.