Forget burnouts, this Hero Splendor literally BURNS tyres

The Hero Splendor is India’s largest selling motorcycle. India’s favorite commuter bike is known for its fuel efficiency and tried and tested engine. Here is a video of the Splendor that shows it doing something unseen and unexpected.

What is happening here?

The video shows a Hero Splendor doing a burnout with rear wheel on fire! Yes, the video shows the Splendor resting against a flyover and doing a burn out. More than often, we see smoke coming out of burnouts but in this case, the rear tyre is engulfed in fire and has formed a halo around the rubber. The Splendor is rarely seen indulging in such situations where smoking tyres or riding on one wheel is involved. This is something that has been seen for the time.

The rear wheel become extremely hot due to high friction against the road and starts to emit thick white smoke that smells like tyre burn. The tyre catching fire on its own is extremely rare as it needs to be at very high temperature. Many people spray oil and light it up with a lighter or other external fire sources to put the tyre on fire. This can give a very dramatic view and result. Rubber catches fire easily and keep on burning irrespective of the wind and gives a very dramatic effect.

Is it safe?

Absolutely not! Putting any part of a vehicle on fire can be extremely dangerous. The fire can spread quickly and reach the fire line, which can destroy the motorcycle completely. Also, the parts like battery, seat and even the plastic parts like battery cover can catch fire quickly. Doing so on the public roads can be even more dangerous and is illegal too.

Doing burnouts can take a toll on your motorcycle. With a high amount of friction on the rear wheel, the transmission and the engine become extremely stressed and wear much quicker than the regular riding. It can decrease the life of the motorcycle drastically. Also, the tyre life comes down by a huge margin.

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