FORGOTTEN Honda motorcycles & scooters: Stunner 125 to Eterno 150

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India is the Indian subsidiary of Honda Motor Company Limited. It was founded in 1999 and is currently one of the most popular motorcycles and scooters manufacturers in the country. Its most popular offering is the Activa automatic scooter. The Activa is so successful that it has even managed to outsell some of the most popular geared motorcycles in the country. However, not all two-wheelers from Honda have had a smooth run in India. Here are seven discontinued Honda two-wheelers that were so unpopular that people have totally forgotten about them.

Honda CBR150R

The Honda CBR150R was the younger sibling of the CBR250, which is, in turn, inspired by the mighty VFR1200F. Much like the CBR250R, the CBR150R was a pretty capable motorcycle that offered a refined engine, high reliability, and touring-friendly ergonomics. However, the CBR150R was completely overshadowed by the Yamaha R15, which is much sharper and sportier.

Honda CB Dazzler

The Honda CB Dazzler was basically a more premium version of the very popular Honda Unicorn. It was powered by the same tried-and-tested 149.1-cc, single-cylinder engine. Like the Unicorn, the Dazzler offered high levels of refinement and a good ride quality. The engine even offered a high fuel mileage. Sadly, however, the Dazzler couldn’t face the heat from bikes, such as the Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi and was discontinued owing to low sales.

Honda CB Trigger

The Honda CB Trigger was another 150-cc Honda motorcycle that failed find enough takers. Much of this was owing to its high price tag and pretty mediocre performance figures.

Honda CBF Stunner

The Honda CBF Stunner sold in decent numbers but could never match the success rate of the Hero Glamour. Also, it was discontinued a long time ago, which means it’s no longer remembered by many. The Honda CBF Stunner looked attractive due to its quarter fairing and snazzy paint schemes. It was powered by a 124.7-cc engine that offered 11 bhp-11 Nm and a high fuel efficiency.

Honda Twister

The Honda Twister was a 110-cc motorcycle that looked quite bold and youthful. It was much more stylish than any other commuter motorcycle. However, it couldn’t face the heat from the likes of Hero Splendour and Passion. Finally, it was discontinued and replaced with a more conventional looking Livo.

Honda CD110 Dream

The Honda CD110 Dream was the most affordable motorcycle in the company’s Dream range of commuter motorcycle. Again, it couldn’t attract buyers away from the Splendour and never sold too well. Finally, it was replaced with an improved version, which is on sale as the CD110 Dream DX.

Honda Eterno

The Honda Eterno was the company’s attempt at reviving the geared scooter segment. It looked like a slightly grown-up Activa and was powered by a 147.7-cc, single-cylinder engine that produced 8 bhp and 10.6 Nm. The engine came mated to a four-speed manual transmission.