Forgotten scooters of India

Scooters have always been the easiest and the cheapest mode of transport in our country. Most of us growing up have seen our parents or family members kick starting an old scooter to commute. To bring back moments from the past, here are 10 scooters that have been forgotten.

Bajaj Cub


The Cub was introduced in 1984 and is one of the oldest scooters in India. It was powered by a 100 cc 2 cylinder air cooled engine that was mated to a 3 speed manual gearbox. It produced 5.8 Bhp of max power. The Cub was pretty economical but lacked outright power.

Bajaj Spirit


The Spirit was a tiny scootrette that was developed to take on the TVS Scooty. It was introduced in 1999. If featured a small 60 cc 2-stoke engine that produced 3.5 Bhp and 4.3 Nm. Being a scootrette, it was mated to an automatic gearbox. Sadly, the Spirit wasn’t really successful in lifting the spirits of the company and wasn’t a very successful product.

Bajaj Bravo


The Bravo was introduced in 1999, a time when people began shifting out of 2 stroke scooters. In a bid to stay in the game, Bajaj introduced the Bravo with improved technologies. The Bravo came with a Reed valve. Powering it was a 145.5 cc engine making 8 Bhp and 13.2 Nm. The engine was mated to a 4 speed manual gearbox. This helped the Bravo to perform well.

LML Sensation


The Sensation was introduced in 1996. It had a lot of plastic parts all over making it light but this fact also made it fragile. Powering it was a 125 cc 2 stroke engine making 6.5 Bhp and 7 Nm. The engine came mated to a 4 speed manual gearbox. It was one of the better looking scooters in the country.

LML Supremo


The Supremo was introduced in 1995 as a full size scooter. It was powered by a 150 cc air cooled 2 stroke engine making 7.5 Bhp and 8 Nm. This was mated to a 4 speed manual, as was the norm at that time. It was a smart looking vehicle as well.