Fortuner gets royally stuck: It takes combined efforts of Thar and Tractor to pull it out [Video]

Off-roading is an adventure activity that is slowly gaining popularity among SUV owners in the country. Many groups offer off-road trips and expeditions so that people can explore the capabilities of their vehicle. In the past, we have seen several videos on the internet where people driving on extreme and tricky terrains have gotten stuck even with a 4×4. Here we have one such video where a Toyota Fortuner 4×4 gets stuck in mud while crossing a lake, and it takes the combined effort of a Thar and a tractor to pull it out.

The video has been uploaded by Mr. Indian Hacker on his YouTube channel. The vlogger, along with his friends, takes his Toyota Fortuner, Mahindra Thar (both old and current generation), and a tractor to a pond near his village. His plan was to test the off-road capabilities of each vehicle. The pond was not too deep and had sticky mud all around it. After discussing it with their friends, the vlogger decides to take the Fortuner first.

The Toyota Fortuner seen in the video is a diesel automatic 4×4 SUV. It is the pre-facelift version, and the SUV is not modified at all. It is still using the stock HT tyres that Toyota offered with the SUV. The vlogger gets into the car and drives it back. He does not plan to drive the car slowly into the pond and then get it out. He wants to enter the pond at a good speed so that he can avoid the chances of getting stuck in the middle. He drives the car towards the pond, and as it hits the water, the SUV glides through the water and gets to the other side of the pond without any issue.

Fortuner gets royally stuck: It takes combined efforts of Thar and Tractor to pull it out [Video]
Fortuner stuck in mud being recovered

However, the SUV could not cross the pond entirely. Towards the end, the SUV slowed down and lost momentum. The HT tyres started to lose traction and spin freely. As the pond was filled with mud, the wheels started to dig inside the mud. Within seconds, the SUV got beached. They then brought the tractor to rescue the Fortuner. The rear wheels of the Fortuner were stuck really bad, and the tractor driver tried several times to pull the SUV out using a tow rope. The attempts were all unsuccessful. It was so bad that the tractor’s wheels had started losing traction and were digging up the ground.

Once they realized that the car was not making any progress, they brought in the Mahindra Thar. The new generation Mahindra Thar was tied to the same rope that was pulling the Fortuner, and both tractor and Mahindra Thar started pulling the SUV out. After a couple of trials, the tractor and Mahindra Thar managed to pull the Fortuner out. After the Fortuner was out, it was the old generation Mahindra Thar’s turn. The 4×4 transfer case on this SUV was not working, and it got stuck at the end. The SUV was also pulled out using the tractor. The current generation Mahindra Thar crossed the pond without any drama, and the tractor crossed the same effortlessly.

The video shows how important tires are when you go off-roading. Also, backup vehicles and recovery equipment are also an important part of off-roading. In this case, if the vlogger was driving the Fortuner alone into the pond, he would have been stuck there for hours. As he had his friends and other cars, they managed to pull the SUV out without any issues.

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