Four cars crash into each other while racing to cross traffic signal during yellow light [Video]

India is a country that is known for a ton of chaos on its roads. People are always rushing while traveling from one place to another, whether they are in a car, motorbike, or any other means of transport. This rushing behavior most of the time gets them to places quickly, but a lot more times it becomes a reason for accidents. Another one of the problems that arise due to this rushing nature is disobedience of traffic signals. Recently, another incident where not following traffic rules became the cause of damage to not one, not two, not three, but four cars in total. A dashcam footage of this entire incident has been shared online.

The Four-Car Crash

The video of this incident involving crashes of four cars at a traffic signal has been shared on YouTube by Prateek Singh on their channel. The video starts off with the presenter stating that this accident has been reported from West Bengal’s capital, Kolkata. Following this, it can be noted that it is a normal day, and there is average traffic on the road, moving at a general speed. The car with the dashcam, which has been reported to be a Tata Altroz, can be seen following a Honda Amaze. After this, what happens is the Honda Amaze performs sudden braking at the signal with a yellow light, and the Tata Altroz smashes its rear end.

Following this in the video, it can be seen that the Altroz owner comes out of his car fuming and starts a heated argument with the Amaze owner. The owner of the Amaze can be then seen explaining that the car in front of him braked, and he also braked immediately, causing this accident. Now, how many cars were exactly involved in this incident is not clear, but from the dashcam, it is clear that at least three cars were involved, with a fourth one in front of the car that the Amaze driver rear-ended.

Reason Behind this Incident

Four cars crash into each other while racing to cross traffic signal during yellow light [Video]

Now, coming to the reason behind the accident, it can be clearly noted that it happened due to people rushing to cross the traffic signal despite noticing that the yellow light came on. All of the cars involved in this accident were trying to cross the road and rushed, and just as the traffic signal turned red, the first car stopped, and the following cars crashed into each other. Had the first car followed the protocol of slowing down on a yellow light, none of this would have happened. However, Indians being Indian love to live on the edge and try to squeeze through the yellow light.

A ton of people on the incident commented that the Altroz owner could have avoided this crash if he himself slowed down as he could easily see the yellow light. However, instead he tried to push through, and when the first car braked, he, along with all the cars in front of him, crashed into a pile. A ton of people also stated that the Altroz owner should have maintained a safe distance from the Honda Amaze when they were approaching the signal. But instead of doing so, he was rushing to cross the signal. Hence, he should not be confronting the driver of the Honda Amaze in front.

Lesson from this Incident

From this incident, we can learn that the yellow lights on a traffic signal are not an indication to race and see who can clear the signal faster. Instead, they are there to slow down the incoming traffic. A ton of people, just like these drivers involved in the accident, do not understand the meaning of yellow lights on a signal. Therefore, they either crash with the traffic coming from different sides or crash just like in the above incident. So, we request all the drivers reading this that next time you see a yellow light on a signal from far off, start slowing down while maintaining an adequate distance with the car ahead.

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