Four fathers arrested for allowing their minor kids to drive

Hyderabad Police has arrested four parents for allowing their minor children to drive. The underage driving is a serious offence and has been the cause of many accidents across the nation in the past. The parents were imprisoned for only a day and the police have demanded that the parents should be held responsible and the children should be sent to juvenile homes if needed.

Four fathers arrested for allowing their minor kids to drive

In a recent incident, a 12-year old pillion rider fell from a bike and was crushed under a lorry after the 14-year old rider tried to overtake the lorry. Later, two minors were killed and one got injured after they took a motorcycle for a joyride and it skidded on the road.

DCP Traffic A. V. Ranganath said,

“We have been charge-sheeting those less than 18 years of age and their parents along with the owner of the vehicle for Minor Driving. The courts have been awarding imprisonment to the parents in recent days. Minor driving has become rampant in the city.”

The minors who are repeating the offence will be sent to the juvenile homes but parents will be imprisoned for the time decided by the court. The authorities say that it is the duty of parents to keep the children away from vehicles.

The Motor Vehicle Amendment in 2016 passed the provision where parents of the minors can be awarded punishment. There can be up to three years in jail or a fine of Rs. 25,000 or both at the same time.

However, this is not the first time such a drive has happened against the parents. In 2015, Bengaluru cops arrested parents of minor drivers and riders and also recommended the Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) to cancel licenses of such parents. Many children go out late in the night and gather to do street racing and other dangerous acts like stunting, which can cause grave accidents.


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