A last-generation Toyota Fortuner recently met a severe accident in Dehradun, Uttrakhand. Such severe car accidents often turn out to be fatal in India but this time all the passengers of the Fortuner survived the massive crash.

What exactly happened?


The accident took place in broad daylight inside city limits. The Fortuner was following a Uttar Pradesh state bus when the bus suddenly applied brakes. The Fortuner driver braked in time to save the vehicle from rear-ending the bus. However, a truck coming from the rear on high speed was not able to apply brakes and crashed into a hatchback behind the Fortuner.

The hatchback was thrown out of the way and it then collided against the road divider. The truck then went on to hit the Fortuner from the rear. The impact was high enough to push the Fortuner ahead and it got sandwiched between the bus and the truck.

Looking at the pictures, it seems like the truck was being driven at a high speed. The brakes of the truck reportedly failed and the driver could not brake the vehicle in a safe distance. No fatalities were reported from the incident. Toyota Fortuner had four passengers who suffered minor injuries.


The Fortuner was an off-set crash and was not a full-front crash. Even then, the pictures show that the vehicle is a total loss. The unharmed occupants of the Fortuner are an example of the build quality and sturdiness of the vehicle. The ladder-on-frame SUV is quite known for its tank-like build quality.


Accidents in India


Heavy vehicles are one of the main reasons for accidents in India. One has to be extra careful while driving near a heavy vehicle on the city roads as well as the highways. Here are a few tips to keep you safe on the Indian roads.

  • Never tailgate any vehicle on the road, especially the heavy vehicles. Such vehicles restrict the vision of the road further and can cause accidents due to sudden braking.
  • If a heavy vehicle is tailgating you, let it go ahead. Heavy vehicles take longer to brake and come to a halt due to extra weight.
  • Always be quick while overtaking a heavy vehicle. Do not drive side-by-side a heavy vehicle as it can swerve and can hit you.
  • Heavy vehicles emit a lot of fumes and there have been cases where the driver behind was blinded by thick smoke. Be careful while driving close to any such vehicle.

Images courtesy Rushlane