Four-seater ultra-luxury Nissan Evalia coming soon

Nissan has recently launched a revamped Evalia multi-purpose vehicle with more features, and priced the vehicle between 8.78 lakh and Rs. 10.73 lakh for the top-end fully-loaded variant. The new Evalia gets some much needed features that were surprisingly omitted in the original variant.

The company is now changing its pitch with the new Nissan Evalia and going after the price-positioning space that has been recently vacated by the Toyota Innova, which has opted for a more premium pricing. Nissan is looking to fill that gap with the Nissan Evalia MPV, and thinks it can compete quite effectively there, with only the Mahindra Xylo for company. Also read: Nissan Evalia refresh launched in India

Four-seater ultra-luxury Nissan Evalia coming soon

To make things a little interesting for the personal buyer, looking for an ultra-luxury touring vehicle (and making full use of the roomy cabin), Nissan is planning a four-seater luxury variant of the Nissan Evalia. This will have only two large bucket seats at the rear, featuring full leather upholstery, faux wood embellishments and a host of other goodies such as foldable tables and LCD screens. (Nissan declined to say if Dilip Chhabria would be helping it with this, although it did hint at the association).

On the sidelines of a recent event to showcase the Nissan Evalia as the official transport vehicle for the Infiniti Red Bull Formula One racing team, Chikuya Takada, product planning, Nissan Motor India, told CarToq the company was working on one such new variant of the Evalia to make it even more appealing to the private buyer seeking a sense of luxury. He thinks that even with the added features, the vehicle would be incredible value for money, for someone who is chauffeur driven. He declined to say how much more it would cost, though.

Nissan has a tough task cut out for it to re-position and push the Nissan Evalia in the market. The new Evalia has now got sliding rear windows, a key feature missing in the original variant, as well as a rear wiper, defogger, reclining captain seats in the middle row with arm rests, a closed glove box and anti-glare rear view mirror. A middle row AC vent is offered as a dealer fitment, and would soon be standard factory fitment as well. Feedback from customers and reviews (including CarToq) had pointed this out earlier. However, the Ashok Leyland Stile, which is a badge-engineered Evalia would also cannibalize some of its market share, and that’s where some key differentiation in positioning is needed. Also read: Full road test report on the Nissan Evalia.

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