Scam-accused billionaire BR Shetty & his collection of luxury cars

Bavaguthu Raghuram (B.R.) Shetty, once regarded as the richest person from Karnataka is all over the news currently for massive frauds. Young B.R. Shetty migrated to the UAE from Karnataka, India in 1973 and became the founder of multiple brands including the NMC Health and UAE Exchange. The UAE-based billionaire stepped down as the co-chairman of NMC Health earlier this year after the shares of his company fell over 70 per cent since December. The shares crashed after a US-based investment firm shared a report alleging that NMC Health inflated cash balances and understated its debt. Bank of Baroda announced they are seeking to recover loans more than $250 million from Shetty and an Indian court has also frozen his properties. Well, apart from all the alleged fraud, Shetty has said it on multiple occasions that he loves cars and his garages in India and UAE tell us the same story. Which are the cars that Shetty owns and uses regularly? Here is a list.

Rolls Royce Phantom

Scam-accused billionaire BR Shetty & his collection of luxury cars

The Rolls Royce Phantom is the car Shetty loves the most and uses the most too. He has been spotted with the Rolls Royce Phantom at several events and uses it regularly to make his entry more impactful. BR Shetty bought the new Rolls Royce Phantom in Abu Dhabi. Shetty sometimes drives around the car all by himself too and has said that he loves driving the Phantom. The Phantom that he uses is the last-generation version but it was the most luxurious car with world-class features.

Mercedes-Maybach S600 Limousine

Mercedes-Maybach S600 limousine is one of the most luxurious cars in the world and even the Indian president, Ramnath Koving uses the armoured version of the car. B.R. Shetty became one of the first people in the UAE to own the S600 limousine and he also uses the sedan quite often.

1961 Morris Minor 1000

Scam-accused billionaire BR Shetty & his collection of luxury cars

Shetty loves vintage cars and he owns several of them. He also owns the Morris Minor 1000, which he says that he loves driving it more than the Rolls Royce Phantom. The Morris Minor is located in India and he keeps it in a top-notch condition. He also owns four Rolls Royce Silver Spirit sedans.

Land Rover Range Rover

At his Bangalore home, Shetty keeps a range of cars parked and many of them are vintage. He also owns an older version of the Range Rover that he uses whenever he is in India. Also, other cars in his Bangalore garage include older Mercedes-Benz sedan, Rolls Royce Silver Spirit and more.

Mercedes-AMG GT

Scam-accused billionaire BR Shetty & his collection of luxury cars

Shetty’s son Binay is also related to the businesses and is the owner of many businesses founded by his father. He is an avid car lover and owns many exotics including a Lexus and a Maserati. He also owns a Mercedes-AMG GT, which he uses for track days.

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