Freak accident: Truck falls on top of Tavera

Indian roads are known as one of the deadliest roads in the world. Giving yet another example of the same, a freak accident killed 11 people in Punjab. Here’s what happened.

How did it happen?

Freak accident: Truck falls on top of Tavera

The incident happened on Ferozpur-Amritsar Highway near Zira in Ferozepur of Punjab. The family was returning from a religious fair and was loaded with 14 people in a Chevrolet Tavera. The highway has a lot of diversions due to ongoing repair and flyover work. On one such diversion, the Tavera came parallel to the truck.

The truck was loaded with salt and coal. While negotiating the sharp turn, the truck driver lost control of the vehicle. The heavily loaded truck then fell on top of the Tavera, crushing its occupants. The accident happened in broad daylight at 4:30 PM but the truck driver managed to flee the spot.

Freak accident: Truck falls on top of Tavera

The Chevrolet Tavera, the family, was travelling in was overloaded. With 14 people on board in a car which has a capacity of either seven seats or 8 seats is a serious safety hazard. Overloading the vehicle changes the dynamics completely. The brakes become less effective due to the excess weight and also, there are not enough seatbelts in the car to secure the passengers.

Overloading also affects the acceleration of the vehicle. If the car carried specified number of people, the driver could have accelerated or braked in time to escape with fewer injuries.

Indian highways also throw a lot of challenges to the drivers, here are few tips that can be used to drive safely.

  • Do not overtake from the left side of any vehicle; the driver side is the best side to overtake.
  • Do not tailgate, if the vehicle in front brakes suddenly, it may cause an accident.
  • Be extra cautious while driving at night, unmarked diversions and speed breakers.
  • Quickly pull over if you’re feeling drowsy and take a break.

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Via: HT