Free car wash, or broken windshield? What’s going on? [Video]

If you have ever been on a road trip to the mountains, you would have come across at least one spot where people use a waterfall as a natural car wash. Mountain roads are often covered with dust and mud, which makes the car dirty on the outside. Such spots help people clean their vehicles quickly before continuing the trip. There have been cases where such quick stops under the waterfall have gone wrong, and people have damaged their vehicles. Lately, a video of a Hyundai Creta parked under a bridge has been circulating on the internet. The video has gone viral because the front windshield of the car broke due to the force of water falling from a pipe.


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The video has been shared by herrsey.dahil on their Instagram page. It looks like the video was recorded somewhere in China. The area is experiencing heavy rainfall, and cars are parked under a bridge. It seems that the space under the bridge is usually used by people for parking their cars. The previous generation Hyundai Creta was also parked next to the pillar of the same bridge. In this video, we can clearly see other cars parked in front and rear of the Creta.

It appears that the owner was not aware of the pipe that drains water from the bridge. They had parked the car right under the pipe, and when it started raining, the water from the bridge began to come down through the pipe. The water was simply falling from the drain pipe to the ground. Unfortunately, the Hyundai Creta was parked right under the drain pipe, and the water was falling onto the front windshield of the car. Initially, the force of the water might have been less, but as the rain intensified, the quantity of water falling from the drain pipe would also have increased. If you may look into the video carefully, there is a pipe lying in front of the car which means, the pipe was broken and that is why water started falling on the car.

Free car wash, or broken windshield? What’s going on? [Video]
Water falling on Hyundai Creta’s windscreen

As we mentioned before, the water was falling directly on the windshield, and due to the force, the windshield on the Creta broke. The water started getting into the car through the broken windshield. If you look towards the door, you can see water leaking out of the car’s cabin. We are sure that the dashboard, electricals, and seats are all damaged. We really feel sad for the owner of this car because the water was not falling on any other cars parked in front or rear. The water was falling from a height, which increased its force and smashed the windshield.

At times, sand and other small particles travel with water and can damage the windshield. In this case, we are not sure what exactly happened. This video is actually a reminder for people who like to park vehicles in such spots. Such spots definitely provide shade, which helps in keeping the cabin of the car cool. However, one must always be careful about the spot and should look around to ensure that the car is parked in a safe location. In this case, we feel the owner did not notice the pipe because it was not directly above their vehicle.

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