Fridays with CarToq – January 16 Highlights

Every Friday at CarToq, we have a LIVE Google Hangout at 3pm where a group of experts come together to discuss the latest trends in the Indian auto industry. We also take questions live from our readers through the Hangout and discuss them, providing solutions on the spot.

If you want to be a part of this Google Hangout, click on the link below and fill in your queries. We will take it up LIVE on the show: SIGN UP for FRIDAYS WITH CARTOQ . Do join us next week. 

Watch the highlights of last week’s episode below. This is an abridged version, down to 18 minutes, from the full 1-hour Hangout. CarToq experts Mandar Ketkar, Jayprashanth, Roshun and Devdath were on the show. Among the topics discussed were the launch of the Datsun Go Plus, choosing between an MPV and SUV, and a look at some winter driving, night driving and fog driving tips.

Watch the highlights here: