Friendly cop takes Kawasaki Z900 superbike for a spin: Comes back super impressed

Superbikes in India are becoming quite popular and manufacturers like Kawasaki, Triumph, BMW, Ducati have been offering their several models in our market as well. Most of the superbikes have a sporty exhaust and they often get in trouble for that. We have seen several videos on the internet where locals have raised complaint again superbikers and even cops have stopped such bikers to verify whether they are using aftermarket exhaust or stock units. There are some cops who are curious to know about the motorcycle and here we have one such video where a cop takes a Kawasaki Z900 superbike for a spin.

The video has been uploaded by Z900 Rider on his YouTube channel. The video starts with vlogger riding his Kawasaki Z900 motorcycle to meet some of his friends. On his way he finds some police officers who are on duty. He rides past them and then one of the cop from the cops calls him and asks him to pull over. The vlogger thought, he was being pulled over for violating some rule, which he did not know.

The cops comes closer to the biker and asks him to park the motorcycle. Then the cop starts a friendly conversation with the biker. The cop said that, he was interested in bikes and that is the reason why he asked him to stop. The vlogger talks to the cop about his bike and the cop was getting curious. The vlogger then asks whether, he rides a motorcycle of not. To this, the cop replied that, his native place is almost 350 kms away from Mumbai and he rides to that place on a Bajaj CT100.

Friendly cop takes Kawasaki Z900 superbike for a spin: Comes back super impressed

The cop then asks the vlogger if he can take a ride on the Z900. The vlogger happily agrees and offers the bike. The cop hops on to the motorcycle and started figuring out a good riding position. The vlogger meanwhile helps him start the motorcycle and the loud exhaust note on the motorcycle just excites the the cop and he revvs it while he took it for a spin.

The video mentions that, the cop took his bike to the police station as some work had come up. The vlogger was very happy and he even says that, he is coolest cop that he has met so far. The cop then comes back with a smile on his face. After coming back, the police officer says that, he has planned for a road trip and will be doing it on a Royal Enfield motorcycle with his friend. The Kawasaki Z900 that the vlogger and the cop rode in this vidoe is a very powerful motorcycle.

The motorcycle is powered by a 948-cc, liquid cooled, in-line four cylinder motorcycle that generates 125 Ps and 98.6 Nm of peak torque. The engine is mated to a 6-speed gearbox and comes with riding modes, traction control, Dual channel ABS and many other features. It competes with bikes like Ducati Monster 797 and Triumph Street Triple 765. Priced at Rs 8.34 lakh, ex-showroom, Kawasaki Z900 is one of the most value for money motorcycle in the segment.