Friends go on a roadtrip from Kerala to Kashmir in a Hindustan Ambassador

kerala to kashmir road trip hindustan ambassador

After the pandemic and the lockdown, many people started exploring the country. They began hiring camper vans and modifying their vehicles to venture into the outdoors. In the last couple of years, we have seen people going on All India Trips in modified cars, bikes, and even bicycles. Many of them started traveling with their families on such road trips. Here we have a video of friends who went on a road trip from Kerala to Kashmir. What made their journey special was the car they chose. The group opted for a Hindustan Ambassador sedan for this road trip.

The video has been uploaded by Ambassador Diaries on their YouTube channel. It is actually a short clip of the friends’ trip in their Ambassador. The details regarding the Ambassador sedan are not available in this video.

However, it appears that the Ambassador was thoroughly prepared for this particular road trip. The engine was completely redone to ensure that the car did not encounter any problems during the journey. The video shows four friends visiting popular tourist spots in India during their Kerala to Kashmir trip in their Ambassador.

Friends go on a roadtrip from Kerala to Kashmir in a Hindustan Ambassador

The group was even featured in some of the local news channels for this feat. It is not every day that you see a car like the HM Ambassador in the mountains. This was definitely something different and unexpected. People usually embark on such road trips with modern cars with more features; however, this group chose a car that was no longer available in the market. The Hindustan Ambassador was discontinued back in 2014. The group made sure that the car was mechanically perfect for the trip, as finding a workshop that would repair an Ambassador is very rare, especially when you are on a road trip like this.

The YouTube channel has not posted a detailed video related to the trip. All we can see on this channel are YouTube shorts recorded during the trip. The group visited Taj Mahal and many other popular tourist destinations during this trip. The car was spotted by a biker in the mountains, and it did not look like the car was struggling at any point in time. It should be noted that the car always had four passengers and their luggage inside. The car also has a roof carrier with luggage on top.

The Hindustan Ambassador holds a special place in the hearts of many car enthusiasts. As the first car ever manufactured in India, it quickly became a symbol of prestige among wealthy families and served as a trusted vehicle for politicians and senior government officials for many years. Even today, there are many who have Ambassador sedans in their garage. Some of them are well-maintained, while others are not. Many owners have even modified the sedan to give it a neo-retro look. In this case, the car does not lose its original character but still offers almost all the features that are offered with most modern-day cars.